Happy Mother’s Day!

May is almost here, which means Mother’s Day is soon approaching! What a great day to eat way too much brunch food, explore the city, and show your mama how much you love her. Rain or shine, Portland boasts an endless amount of things to do on days like this. I myself am looking forward to May because my parents will be in town for a week or so to celebrate my graduation on Saturday and Mother’s Day on Sunday. As for us, we will be indulging in a midday feast at Portland City Grill followed most likely by a nap and maybe a stroll along the waterfront. What do you all like to do to celebrate Mother’s Day?

Here are some of our favorite gift ideas for Mother’s Day; treat your mother, or treat yourself! And be sure to check out the rest of our Mother’s Day Gift Ideas collection on the website.


27 Miles Malibu poncho // Betsy & Iya earrings // Ellington bag // Pons Avarcas sandals

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Weekly Roundup

There are so many behind-the-scenes photos we take throughout the week with our shopgirls and customers and we thought we’d share a few with you! Here are some of our favorite moments from the past week.


Shop girl Jamie in: Sanctuary top // Henry & Belle jeans // J/Slides slip-ons


Nikita shirtdress // J/Slides sandals // S’well water bottle


Division shopgirl Marissa in: 3J Workshop dress // Fidelity denim jacket


Sanctuary top // 7 For All Mankind shorts



Our gal Jyss taking advantage of the beautiful spring weather in a Volcom top.


And of course we couldn’t resist taking a snap of this adorable guy. Just look a that face!


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Division Shopgirls’ Favorite Portland Spots


Coffee / Bakery: Roman Candle

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 1.22.14 PM

This is my happy place. I go here for my morning caffeine fix of yummy Stumptown coffee and always enjoy the daily rotating roasts and blends. They also have an incredible breakfast, lunch, dinner, and pastry menu with ingredients that are all locally sourced! Some of my absolute favorites are the Tuscan Calvary Kale Salad, XV00 house-made granola, zucchini chocolate chip muffin, and the Roman-inspired ‘‘Pizza a Taglio’ Meat-Lovers Pizza. On top of all that, the staff is simply wonderful!

Brewery: Labrewatory

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 1.22.00 PM

I love coming here especially on Wednesdays for trivia! Nestled in North Portland, close to Mississippi, this brewery is a craft beer lover’s dream with an excellent rotating tap. With Labrewatory’s mad brewing scientists coming up with new, delicious, and fun beers like the Golly G Cranberry Porter, Sour Disco Lemonade IPA, and the Portland Ginger Mule, buying a beer flight with friends is always a fun experience! The staff is also incredibly knowledgeable and always has amazing recommendations!

Restaurant: ¡Oba!

One of my favorite dishes is served at this Latin-inspired restaurant in The Pearl. Their menu is impeccable with hand-crafted cocktails, table side guacamole, yummy tapas, and decadent desserts!  The bacon-wrapped jalapeños rellenos, Paella de Oba, Pollo Asado, and my favorite the Carne Gordo are must tries! I also love their late night happy hour where they serve an amazing prickly pear margarita.


Restaurant: Navarre

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 1.21.48 PM

Consistently fantastic dinners of shared plates based on the owner’s featured area in Europe- usually French or Italian regions. Crab cakes and seasonal greens are my go-to dishes, but don’t miss the incredible desserts!
Recreation: Laurelhurst

I lived near this park for years-it’s really diverse despite its size. Fond memories include summer movies in the park, duck watching at the polluted pond, warm blankets on the grass when the sun is out.

Coffee: Albina Press

There are too many to list! But I like Albina Press (on Albina) because the baristas are such characters, it’s great for people watching and the coffee is consistently on point.


Beauty: Savannah Nails

It’s just the best. Tina does magically creative designs on my nails and Lee, her husband just works magic on my feet.
Restaurant: Mother’s Bistro

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 1.21.32 PM

This is my favorite place for any meal. My dear friend chef Lisa Schroeder serves the best slow cooked, deliciously prepared meals in this town on Sundays; there is no other place for brunch! It’s really superb. They have won countless awards for excellence.

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Brand Focus: Veronica M

We’re very excited to announce the arrival of the brand Veronica M. in both of our Portland botiques! Check out some of these lovely ensembles put together by our Division shopgirl Marissa, featuring some of our favorite Veronica M. pieces.


Vernoica M. Dress // Melissa Wedges // Mari Lassa Cluth // Subtle Luxury Scarf


Kut from the Kloth Jeans // Veronica M. Top // Calou Shoes // Elk Purse // Stoned and Beautiful Jewelry


Veronica M. Top // Mother Shorts // Pons Avarcas Sandals // Elk Tote


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Division Customer of the Month: Marcella

Meet Marcella, our Divison Customer of the Month! Take a look at our interview with her to get to know her a little better and find out why she loves Adorn.


Lilla P. Dress // Katie Brown LA Fedora // Yumi Maxi Cardigan // Remi & Reid  Tote // Melissa Patchuli X Wedge

ADORN: Have you always lived in Portland? If not, where do you call home and what brought you here?

Marcella: I’m a native Oregonian. I was born in Hood River and lived there until elementary school and then my family moved to Lake Oswego. As an adult, I have moved around a bit. Mobile, New Orleans, Seattle, Vashon Island, Kauai, but always seem to return to Portland.

ADORN: How do you like to spend your personal time?

Marcella: My personal time is spent with my daughter (who’s 10) and friends. I like to travel a lot. My daughter also enjoys traveling and that is fun going on trips with her. I also love going to see bands and take in a show at least once or twice a week. I love to play trivia at a couple bars around town. I’m also starting to learn how to swing dance and hoping that my daughter and I do more stand-up paddle boarding this summer.

ADORN: What are some professional and/or personal pursuits that you are passionate about?

Marcella: Music. I’m passionate about music.

ADORN: How would your BFF describe you?

Marcella: She’d say that I have boundless energy. I’m always game to go out and it’s getting harder, as we age, to find people to keep up with us. I tire out my younger friends.

ADORN: How did you first hear about Adorn?

Marcella: I was walking by after having a lunch at Sunshine Tavern down the street on Division.

ADORN: What do you love the most about Adorn?

Marcella: Well… I love Marissa and Wendy and the ways that they style me. They both push my boundaries and were able to get me out of my routine. It’s a treat to go into the store, visit with them and see where the afternoon takes us. I love that I can get a whole look and  build upon what I already have at home. I love that there are shoes and jewelry, as well.


Uttam Boutique Maxi Dress // Elk Tote

ADORN: What is your favorite Adorn piece?

Marcella: My favorite Adorn piece this winter were the tummy tuck leggings, I bought them in several colors and wore them to death! They are so comfy and versatile.

ADORN: If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it look like?

Marcella: It’d be a basic black dress that could transition from day to night, a good denim jacket and black Chuck Taylors for day and black cowboy boots for night.

ADORN: Where do you get your style inspiration?

Marcella: It varies. I look at a lot of magazines and blogs and pay attention to folks on the street. I’m very focused on my body, what assets I have and what I don’t, and I try to pick “looks” or items that work well with my body.


Yumi Tunic // M. Rena Legging // Melissa Patchuli X Wedge

ADORN: Who’s your style icon?

Marcella: I look nothing like them, but I loved looking toward Audrey Hepburn & Princess Diana for style. Now, I’m not so sure, I can’t think of anyone that has that classic look.

ADORN: Describe your personal style.

Marcella: My personal style is all about comfort and items that can transition from the office to the evening. I like to be “girly” and wear dresses, but I was never one to get into high heels. I tend to wear cowboy boots with my skirts and dresses.

ADORN: What is the last piece you bought at Adorn?

Marcella: Is there such a thing as a last piece? I seem to never leave without several items. I bought a scarf last week that Wendy insisted that I try. She was showing me how to disguise/slim my mid-section. It’s probably the least expensive item that I’ve bought at Adorn, but I’ve already used it most days this past week. I know that I’ll use it throughout the seasons.

ADORN: Goofiest fashion trend you have participated in?

Marcella: The 80s. I was in my teens and twenties, I couldn’t help it!

ADORN: Heels or flats?

Marcella: Flats!

ADORN: What did your wedding dress look like?

Marcella: My original wedding dress was all poofy just like Princess Diana.

ADORN: 3 must-have items on any vacation?

Marcella: For a warm destination — A good pair of walking shoes, sunglasses and a good book.


Prairie Underground Dress // Pons Avarcas Sandals // Volcom Hat // Rosanna Tote


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