If an Adorn woman knows anything, it’s that stylish and comfortable clothing should be your first priority. Luckily, the athleisure clothing trend has created a new niche for style.

Hard Tail takes athleisure to the next level. While yoga pants and leggings are still very important, HardTail makes a point to create easy and relaxed dresses and shirts to embody the attitude of a confident, active woman while maintaining the comfort of work-out clothes. Hard Tail styles clothes in neutral colors so your accessories are bound to pop.

Not into the athleisure look? No problem. The term is applied very loosely to Hard Tail’s ever-so-stylish collection. These clothes are not what you would wear to the gym or yoga class (although they could be). Instead, these pieces combine the comfy material and fit of athletic clothing with current trends.

Check out the cute Hard Tail outfits made at our Fremont location!


Hard Tail Dress // Jenny Bird Necklace // Pons Avarcas Sandals


Hard Tail Jacket // J/Slides Shoes // Hudson Jeans


Hard Tail Shirt // Henry & Belle Jeans // JaxKelly Necklace


Hard Tail Shirt // Hudson Jeans // Remi & Reid Bag


Hard Tail Dress // Soko Jewelry Necklace // Elk Wallet


Hard Tail Shirt // Fortress of Inca Heels // Soko Jewelry Necklace // Hudson Jeans