Saving the environment has never been so trendy!

Nau is a innovative and stylish clothing line with a focus on sustainability. The aspect of sustainability, however, isn’t simply a marketing feature. For Nau, creating sustainable and modern pieces is the entire framework of the company. It’s a business model, but it’s also a responsibility. And with clothing this cute, you’ll need to dress responsibly!

Take the classic gr-outfit:


Picking up these dark gray piece will make you wonder why you never had them in the first place! Nau’s leggings and pullovers will make you want to curl up with some hot tea (organic, of course).

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Nau has a variety of jackets to fit every occasion and style.

Who doesn’t love a good long sleeved dress? Check out these classics on our website and try them on in-store! Like a blank canvas ready for paint, these earth-toned dresses are perfect for dazzling up with all your accessories.

Save the Earth, and save it in style!