It’s great to see how much customers clamor over Bailey 44 pieces. It totally makes sense that they are one of our best sellers along with Prairie Underground, Hard Tail, and Yosi Samra. The two female fashion industry veterans, who began Bailey 44 in 2006, make clothing that is, and I quote from their website, “cool and understated, sexy but not overt, modern, relevant, well made, and most importantly, they make clothing that REALLY fits”. Anyone who isn’t into that probably doesn’t love baby animals or pizza either and honestly, does that person even exist? I’m totally joking (kind of).

Bailey 44 makes every piece with quality fabrics and construction right here in the USA. To me, this really makes a difference in an industry where almost everything seems to have a “Made in China” tag. No offense China, but we love it when we see a brand that still values the worth of producing clothing locally.

Come visit us at the Portland boutique and we’d love to play dress up with you!

Here’s some of our most recent Bailey 44 arrivals:

Jacket: Lace Bolero” by Bailey 44
Skirt: “Dead Sea Scroll” by Bailey 44

Jacket (also can be worn as a dress): “Raven Dress” by Prairie Underground
Dress: “Granada Dress” by Bailey 44

Top: “Bull Run Top” by Bailey 44
Pants: “Love Shack Leggings” by Prairie Underground