Before going out to dinner or a party, I always have the same internal conflict over which type of footwear to choose. While heels instantly add glam and make anyone’s legs look amazing, the inevitable discomfort almost outweighs the positives! Since the pain eventually dissipates and it doesn’t seem like heels do any permanent damage, it is easy to sacrifice a few hours of being uncomfortable for looking fabulous. However, this recently published infographic shows how much damage heels are really doing! Your favorite pointed-toe pumps may be culprit of future foot deformities such as “pump bump” or hammertoe! Extended use of heels actually causes the physiology of your foot to change. Over time, the muscles adapt to being constantly contracted due to the heel height, so eventually, they stay that way even while wearing normal shoes! Even though this sounds like the old warning of “Don’t cross your eyes or they’ll be like that forever!” this one is actually true. So, what if you don’t want to sacrifice fashion for health? Compromise!

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Our Yosi Samra ballet flats are a great option for ladies who value appearance and comfort. They come in so many seasonal styles, so there is always a shoe for any occasion! The elastic band and slight curve of the shoe prevents them from stretching out after extensive use. I can’t describe how sad it makes me to have to suffer the “breaking in” stage of normal flats only to enjoy a mere couple months of wear before they become stretched out! Yosi Samra has eliminated this problem with the elasticity! Plus, this feature helps women who may be in between shoe sizes.

Even if “making an entrance” is your thing, Yosi Samra flats are compact enough to fit in your purse so it is possible to change footwear halfway through the evening. There’s really no excuse to continue suffering from your heels – especially now that they’re proven to be so harmful and there are so many cute alternatives! Stop in the store and check out our current selection. Even if you don’t see a pair you like, we are always getting in new styles!