To pass along the excitement about all our New Arrivals, we’re launching a contest! We’re doing it big for you by extending a hefty prize of $200 worth of merchandise from the Summer Vibes Pinterest board. This is not a sweepstakes. This is a competition of who can put together the best Pinterest board using at least one item from our Summer Vibes board.

shop adorn contest

In case the image doesn’t explain it enough for you, here’s the total rundown:
1) Follow Shop Adorn at
2) Create a board on YOUR page, or use an existing board. The name doesn’t matter
3) Pin at least one item from our Summer Vibes board to your own board along with other pins from wherever else. The goal is to make your board interesting and creative.
4) Use #Adornpintowin in the description box and tag @shopadorn

You can Pin as many times as you want, and include pins from anywhere on Pinterest, even upload your own if you’d like. Be creative!


*You can only pin to win items from the Shop Adorn Summer Vibes board
*Winner will be selected based on the creativity (yes, we meant to be vague, take advantage!)
*Make it interesting and fun! Whatever it takes to make that board amazing, do it!
*If the winner’s pinned item is no longer available when the contest ends, they can select an item of equal or lesser value, or get a gift card for the exact dollar amount.