Spring 2013 Pure Pigment

Whilst researching spring trends of Spring 2013 via many of my usual fashion blogs and trend websites, I couldn’t help but notice the prevalence of mixing bright colors. More specifically, Chris Benz’ Spring ready-to-wear collection epitomizes how relevant vibrant hues, bold prints, and loose layering are this season.

Image Source: HonestlyWTF

The presentation was eclectic to say the least. Models stood on wooden crates wrapped with colorful packaging tape and were juxtaposed against a beautiful backdrop from Anthropologie. Benz unconventionally piled fabrics like lace, silk, denim, jacquard, and lurex together in many textures and colors. A south American meets 90’s grunge (note the sweaters tied around the waist and baggy silhouettes) aesthetic made for a visually stunning production.

Image Source: HonestlyWTF2Chris-Benz-Spring-2013

Image Source: HonestlyWTF 5Chris-Benz-Spring-2013Image Source: HonestlyWTF 6Chris-Benz-Spring-2013Image Source: HonestlyWTF 8Chris-Benz-Spring-2013 Image Source: HonestlyWTF10Chris-Benz-Spring-2013Image Source: HonestlyWTF CB-71Image Source: HonestlyWTF

In a rainy city where people find comfort in neutrals, a few tips on adding some bright pigments to their ensemble couldn’t hurt. Don’t waste another moment in sad grays and blacks which lend no support to the vibrant personality that exists in you.

I encourage all of you readers to not be apprehensive about wearing clothes with more color. The purpose of trends is to inspire you to re-interpret with your own personal style touch. Portland, it’s time to brighten up your neutral look this spring. Start here at our Portland boutique. We have plenty of delightful options to choose from.

Prairie Underground Georgette Dress  Free People Serape CardiganElla Moss Paisley Palazzo Pant QSW Crescent Sweater 27 Miles Malibu Lexi PonchoElla Moss Joliet Sequin Dress  Bobi colorblock hi-low dressElla Moss Lace Blouse

Top to bottom, left to right:
Prairie Underground Georgette Dress
Free People Serape Cardigan
Ella Moss Paisley Palazzo Pant
QSW Crescent Sweater
27 Miles Malibu Lexi Poncho
Ella Moss Joliet Sequin Dress
Bobi Colorblock Hi-low Dress
Ella Moss Citrus Blouse

Check out the “Pure Pigment” Pinterest board to inspire you even further!