Ahhh, it is finally starting to feel like fall. I would trade the searing sunshine for crunchy leaves and the scent of bonfire any day! I tend to go a bit overboard in embracing everything “autumn,” so that by Christmas, I’m out of holiday cheer. In an effort to pace myself, I’ve postponed buying a pumpkin spice latte or candy apple scented candle until November 1st. In a few short days, I’ll be able to completely indulge! I’ve gathered a few of my favorite internet finds that have put me in the Thanksgiving spirit.

1) A Year of Tea. While coffee is my go-to morning beverage, there’s nothing better than walking home from class and curling up with a hot mug of herbal tea. There are all sorts of adorable gadgets for submerging loose-leaf tea, but my current obsession is this 2014 calendar made entirely of tea! And you can drink it! Each date has a pull-off tab of compressed tealeaves that you simply drop into your mug and drink. Each day is a different blend! What a great way to make sure that your year always has a sense of surprise.

2) Drink n’ Doodle. Speaking of tea, I have such a soft spot for unique mugs. My currently favorite is one I got from the Starbucks flagship store during a weekend trip to Seattle with a good friend. Every time I use it, I think of all the great memories I made during the summer. If you’re searching for a gift for a friend or simply want your own smile inspiration, why not make a mug that’s meaningful? I first saw this DIY on “The Chew” and it seems like such a great alternative to painting pottery. You can write anything you want! A funny memory with your best friend, a quote that makes you find your inner-zen, or even a drawing by your child – whatever reminds you have so much to be thankful for!

3) November Nomz. Let’s face it. The holidays may have been intended to celebrate thankfulness and the birth of Jesus, but in 2013, they really only exist for us to have an excuse to eat so much delicious food without remorse. With the invention of Pinterest and other recipe-sharing websites, we are no longer forced to bake within the confines of traditional desserts. I can’t wait to make these adorable little apple pies. Finally, it’s socially acceptable to eat the entire pie in one sitting!

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 6.23.17 PM
4) Get Your Head in the Game! Part of what makes autumn magical is the ability of any space to be turned into a pine-scented wonderland. Stores have been selling decorations since July, but how do you decide which items will look best? Part of the trick is selecting the right colors! This handy dandy color test will make sure that you can see the difference between candy apple red and merlot red. Even if you pass with flying colors (ha!), have your boyfriend or husband give it a shot. 1 in 12 men are deficient in sensing color!

5) Christmas in November. Even though I am a total control freak, I love surprises! I discovered the perfect Etsy store for those of us who like to occasionally walk on the unpredictable side. With your purchase of a $13 sweater, he owners of the store will send you one of THEIR choosing! You can specify which colors you like, but leaving it up to chance is the fun of the game. The best part of a prize is a surprise!

Of course, the best aspects of fall can’t be found online! Get out there and go to a corn maze, cook some s’mores, make a hand turkey with your favorite pint-sized pal, but most of all – find time in your day to be thankful that you’re here to enjoy all of these little moments of bliss.