Here’s another round of links we love, brought to you by my obsession with surfing the web. Hope these find you just as entertained as the last links we love post!


1) 25 Scarf Styles. As July fades into August, I find myself becoming continually more excited for autumn. Boots! Bonfires! Sweaters! What’s not to love? The only downside is my constant struggle over deciding how to wear my favorite scarves. That’s why I’m ecstatic over this great video by one of my favorite bloggers that gives endless ways to tie a scarf! I’ve seen several charts on Pinterest, but this video actually shows the steps!


2) A Definitive Guide to Netflix. Finding the perfect movie on Netflix is a lot like finding your dream man. With so many choices, the possibility of choosing the wrong one is always looming. Thankfully the Internet has saved the day. Check out this flow chart that suggests the perfect movie or TV show available on Netflix based on your own in-the-moment preferences. Unfortunately, no such flow chart exists for filtering out men. OkCupid, anyone?


3) How Do You YOLO? Kids these days have it so easy. Back in the day, college admission essays had to be composed on topics of educational merit like an influential mentor or moment of self-discovery. The Tufts University Class of 2018 had to answer, in 250 words or less, what the phenomenon #YOLO means to them. If this is a joke, I don’t get it.

Screen shot 2013-07-29 at 1.25.42 PM

4) Mr. Darcy is Larger than Life! As if the world wasn’t strange enough, there now exists a 12-foot sculpture of Mr. Darcy emerging from a lake in London. We’re all for artistic nods to literary classics, but only if the piece wasn’t so creepy…


5) Meal in a Mug. The “mug cake” craze has officially infiltrated its way into other food groups. You can now make “mug quiche” and “mug meatloaf.” Who has time to make an actual meal when all you need is a coffee mug and a microwave? Not me! Especially at 3am when I convince myself that calories don’t exist after midnight.

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