Customer of the Month: Sue

We always love when Adorn customers come and let us style them!

Get to know our our customer of the month: Sue!  Styled by Adorn’s beloved Jennifer D Harris.



Heather By Bordeaux // Pons Avarcas Sandals // Elk Clutch

Adorn: Have you always lived in Portland? Where else?

Sue: I have always live in Portland, with the exception of eight years spent in Eugene.

Adorn: How do you like to spend your free time?

Sue: I love spending time with my family, eating, playing, hiking. I like being active. I garden, walk with my husband, have friends over for parties,barbecue, take drum lessons, play with my band mates, and I love to cook. 

Adorn: What are some professional and/or personal pursuits that you are passionate about?

Sue: Two very diverse: education and music. I’ve been passionate about education since my TA position in a special education classroom when I was in high school. Drumming started when I was in 5th grade. Love learning to play new instruments. Currently I’m trying to master the cajon and bongos. 

Adorn: How would your BFF describe you?

Sue: Quirky, fun, full of energy. I’d consider my BFF to be my husband Kevin. Over ten years ago, when we were first dating, he made a list of the things he loved about me. He said I had: great legs, a heart of gold, goofy charm, among other things.


Curator Dress // Kut Denim Jacket // Pons Avarcas Sandals

Adorn: What is your favorite Adorn piece?

Sue: That’s a hard one. Mother jeans?

Adorn: If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it look like?

Sue: Comfy, stylish, trendy. 

Adorn: What is your favorite article of clothing from your closet?

Sue: White California co. shirt, I think. Another favorite that is seasonal: my black cashmere poncho. Light, soft and cozy.

Adorn: Where do you get your style inspiration?

Sue: All around me


Prairie Underground Dress // Kut Denim Jacket // Pons Avarcas Sandals

Adorn: Goofiest fashion trend you have participated in?

Sue: Super wide bell bottoms in the 70’s. 

Adorn: What did your prom/wedding dress look like?

Sue: Prom, ridiculous. Very 1973 empire waist. Wedding: candlelight satin, 40s, flowing at the base, strapless.


Adorn: Who’s your style icon?

Sue: JDH and sometimes my niece Christine Sporay Donnelly, #tullemesomething.
Sue and JDH absolutely LOVING their time together and their matching outfits! JDH makes styling fun and we loved sharing our passion with you, Sue.


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