Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays of the year. Not because I get celebrated for being a Mother, but because I get to take a day to celebrate that I am a mother.  My two boys are everything to me, so you can understand why I was so excited to work with a new Mother-to-be, Karen, for this special Mother’s Day blog.

At eight months pregnant, Karen was a little apprehensive about being styled in non-maternity clothing but I think as we started trying things on she was pleasantly surprised with how comfortable and flattering the pieces we put on here were.

Why do I like non maternity for maternity? Well, I like function, and when something can fit you now and then fit you also post-partum…I mean…he-llo!? Functionally Fantastic!

Adorn1Bailey 44 Bold Stripe Tee
Free People Zahara Top
Bailey 44 Paleolithic Pant
Melie Bianco Anita Woven Bag
Necklace & Earrings (available in store)

All you really need when shopping for maternity in non-maternity boutiques and stores is, STRETCH!  Our unseasonably warm temperatures have made Karen a little more uncomfortable so we wanted to choose light weight materials that allowed her body to breathe.  The Bailey 44 linen pant as well as the Bailey 44 stretch tee has some ‘give’ so they will stretch to fit Mama and baby right now but will give her some room for recovery once her little dude is out in the world. As you Mother’s know, you can’t really wear any jewelry for the first year of two of your child’s life since it will just become a yanking toy so wear it now while you can.

We paired the Melie Bianco Yellow tote with this outfit to give it some POP. And to get Karen warmed up to having to carry the everything and then the kitchen sink. Oh and you can just wipe this bag down….love vegan!

Adorn2Prairie Underground Raven Dress
Nikibiki Leggings
Melie Bianco Halle Bag
Betsy & Iya Element Hoop Earrings
Mishakaudi Necklace

You don’t have to sacrifice style when you’re pregnant…OR when you have a two, three (etc) year old! You just choose interesting and stylish pieces like this Prairie Underground dress and you’re not looking drab and frumpy.  The eggplant color is flattering while the cut is both interesting, original AND flattering!  This will be a piece the Karen will live in even after her son is born. We gave this deep color some spring-y punch with the necklace and earrings.  Yes, you can POP neon with non-neon’s.  Love this neutral cream Melie Bianco bag.  It’s probably the last white thing Karen will be able to own for years!

adornpreg3Bobi Cowl Neck Top
LA Made Ombre Maxi Skirt
Lulu Jewelry Necklace (available in store)
Beaded Bracelet (available in store)

Color! Color has a true correlation with mood.  Wearing colors next to your face that flatter you but are also bright happy colors will just make you feel good, and every Mother-to-be should feel beautiful and happy!  This stunning raspberry cowl neck top by Bobi Clothing brings out the blue in Karen’s eyes and flatters her skin tone.  It flatters her chest and once ‘baby boy’ is born she can easy breast feed with this top with ease. Because it’s such a bold color we chose to pair it with a soft and neutral La Made Ombre skirt. Both have ‘give’ to them so they are comfortable for Karen but she also looks and feels feminine and pretty.  We layered a few necklaces together and paired them with this beautiful and colorful beaded bracelet.  It’s important to not only appreciate what you’re body is doing but to Adorn it with pretty things.

So Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Mother’s whether you have two legged babies or four legged, you are appreciated for your awesome Momminess!

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