I admit it, I may be 5’11” (okay last physical I came in at 5′ 10 1/2″ thanks gravity and age) and that’s great but when I work with or see a woman that has curve, I am kelly green with envy.  I have to fake every curve it appears I have with princess seams, angles and illusions. A woman like Vail. She doesn’t have to stuff or fake anything, she was just blessed with womanly curves for days.  So you can then imagine how much fun I had dressing her 5’3″ curvy little figure.

First of all Vail’s coloring is just beautiful.  The coloring and contrast of her hair and the brightness of her eye color allow to Vail to be able to really wear bold colors and when you can do that, why just stop there, combine those pop colors together to really make a great impact. Here we started out with the Free People Lovely Linen Moto Jacket because, first of the color would look amazing on Vail but also the cut and contour of this jacket flatters Vail’s hourglass torso.  The high in the back lower in the front cut and cropped length skim and hug her tiny waist perfectly. Your eye can’t help but go to and stop at the tiny of her waist. And I love, love, LOVE the EcoSkin Artesia tunic we paired it with. This tunic is a curvy petite girls dream! Handkerchief hems are genius for this body type, they are cut high in the front so you can see more leg (more leg mean’s you look longer, and whenever you look longer, you look leaner, yes that’s skinnier, who doesn’t want that) and then the longer sides balance out but still flatter the curve in your hips.   And purple with the coral, hello spring! To continue the pop of color story, we put Veil in some turquoise jewelry pieces. The color contributed while the organic feel really grounded the look.  Wear this with your favorite leggings, skinny jeans or prairie under ground girdles and you’ll feel like you’re wearing your yoga-wear but you’ll look like you’re headed out for one heck-of-a-day!

I spotted these QSW Sketchy Squares Palazzo Pant and I had to put Vail in them. Why? The bold print was so cool and the cut were perfect for her. Yes you don’t have to be an amazon to pull off a palazzo pant. You just have to know how to wear them. We wanted this pant to hug the top of Veils waist, bum and curve but then fall from the curve of her hips straight down until they touched the floor. Yup, you want a palazzo to graze the ground. It will make your legs look the go on forever. And well if you don’t wear them like this you may run risk of someone asking when the flood is coming.  You know me and color, I’m not going to pair black and white with black and white when this season is busting at the seams with color right? This Olive dolman knit top works for Vail because the ‘fat’ of the dolman sleeve starts at Vail’s empire line (under her chest) and then flares out so the rest of the silhouette skims her torso. That way you can get the ‘batwing’ effect that so on trend but you don’t loose the almighty shape of the body.  Because this top is solid I paired a more bold jewelry piece with it that really stands out and way from the top but balances with the busy of the plazzo pant. Balance baby…that’s our objective. I finished it off by putting a Ms Wood Obi belt on.  It draws the eye up to Vail’s contoured waist which does nothing but favors for her but also makes her legs look longer.

I just couldn’t get enough of this coral color on Veil and the Amour Vert Cowl top is really flattering for her chest but this EcoSkin Pacifica skirt, this was just stunning on Vail’s curves.  There is a little side rushing that makes this simple black maxi skirt a little more interesting.  Usually I wouldn’t put a long skirt on a petite girl but wearing this skirt high on the waist with the blouse tucked in, makes Vail’s legs look longer. With the turquoise jewelry there is a lot of color going on so I chose another neutral, but this time off white, to compliment the bright, high contrast colors.

Dresses truly are a great silhouette for Vail to wear on her hourglass figure but you want to make sure you choose the right silhouette. This EcoSkin Dress has a high empire waist which will compliment Vail’s tiny waist while elongating her legs.  Also the high in the front low in the back is how she can wear a “longer” silhouette on her petite frame.  You can see more leg. More flattering.

A denim jacket is always a good choice, especially for our cooler spring temps. Just make sure the fit is contoured like this KUT from Kloth denim jacket. The cropped cut is flattering as well. Draws the eye to the waist and shows off more of the lower half.

Pairing accessories with an outfit that matches, like this necklace is great, but complimenting your outfit with a color that goes with but it’s matchy matchy like this tan/yellow clutch can give your outfit some personality and dimension.

Four outfits for one rock’n beautiful body.  Thank you Vail for letting us play dress up with you.

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