Six kids! Six kids Ken has. From four to 14, you know this Dad is busy. No wonder he loves yoga. He needs to stay limber chasing after all of those littles.  And the quiet I’m sure has nothing to do with it, ha.

I wanted to give Ken a look or two or three that he would feel comfortable but I wanted him to try some new ideas. He was more than game. Not a diva model at all.

bridge & burn knox shirtBridge & Burn Knox Shirt
Life After Denim Wilson Pant

We started off with a polka dot Bridge & Burn Shirt. Ken wasn’t into plaids so I thought this more contemporary pattern would work great. The dots are small so as not to overwhelm and the blue color is one that’s flattering on most men (this shirt is on my list for my hubs). We paired it with a fantastic pair of army green Life After Denim pants. What a great pair of pants! Wear them to work or on a date night (they went on Mary’s (Ken’s wife) list).

Original Penguin Basic Slub Jack

Bridge & Burn Knox Shirt
Original Penguin Basic Slub Jack Polo
Original Penguin Margate Shorts

Next we got a little more daring and paired a couple of AMAZING blue shirts with a pair of salmon shorts by Original Penguin. Not the color men go straight to, but they look really sharp and original paired with a more common and neutral color like blue. I have to mention these shirts. The rayon and linen Bridge & Burn shirt to the left IS one I purchased for my husband. The drape on this special shirt is airy and flattering. The Original Penguin Polo on the right is one of the staples every guy should have in their closet. It’s cut slim so it’s almost impossible for it to look frumpy and the cobalt color again isn’t a boring blue, but one that will make your man’s eyes sparkle, blue, brown or green.


Original Penguin Basic Slub Jack Polo
RVCA Shorts (available in-store, online soon!)

But if you’re more of a traditional kind of dad, then you’re going to love these RVCA shorts. I got them for my husband, who always needs a great dress short. No pleats, no cargo pockets… these shorts are stylish and classic. You’ll have them for years.

When we put out our hound dogs to find a Dad willing to be our model, we had an overwhelming amount of Mom’s who wanted to volunteer their husbands. This is a sign that maybe YOUR husband could use a new shirt or a great pair of shorts for this Father’s Day. Now you know where and what to get that special guy of yours.