I talk a lot about women’s fashions but come on, we can’t do ALL the work right? The guys have to look good too!  I’m currently raising two little boys and I’m starting now. I am teaching them now how important it is to take care in how you present yourself to the world because the outside should match how RAD you are on the inside.  And can you imagine being married to a Personal Stylist? My poor engineer husband. When I met him he was like every other dude… wearing clothes two sizes too big and choosing pieces that were generic, or without personality.  In our eleven plus years together it has improved, but you know that story about the old dog and the new trick? Yeeeah.  So for all you old dogs wanting to learn a new trick or you pups wanting to just learn, here are a few tips and tricks on how to look good for yourself and your special someone (seriously, who am I kidding, when a guy tries, he’s not trying for himself).

RVCA That’ll Do Oxford S/S ; Comune Carl Jeans

First of all the same rules apply to men as they do women: FIT is everything! We want to see your physique.  If you’re a buff dude, we get it… your shirts don’t have to be strangling you to prove you take pride in your workout and for you slimmer studs there are girls like myself who prefer a slim, trim body.  Don’t hide under a baggy schlumpy shirt and jeans that sag in the butt. Go all Adam Levine on us and wear something that FITS!  I get fit is a foreign concept to most men so here you… your shirts should skim your body. This means you should be able to pinch about an inch of fabric around the body but NO MORE!  The shoulder seams should hit you AT the shoulders, not two inches past. And the shortest part of your shirt should not hit shorter than 2″ below the top of your pants or shorts, or kilt (Happy St. Patty’s Day) Check out the fit of this RVCA That’ll Do Oxford S/S. It fits in the shoulders, skim the body and is long enough.

When it comes to your denim dudes…one rule…it must HUG the butt!! Just like with the ladies, when you try on denim you want them to feel a half size too small.  Don’t worry the family jewels will be able to breathe after a few minutes when the lycra warms to your body temp. The biggest mistake guys make is buying denim a size too big, then they stretch out and they just look like they had a butt, but it deflated some time ago.  When talking about wash, you can’t go wrong with a dark denim like the one’s shown here. And don’t be afraid to try on a slim cut.  Truly, my hubs will attest to that.

RVCA Mingus S/S Shirt ; WeSC Bob’s 5-Pocket Jeans

And guys, don’t be afraid of color!  You don’t get to wear concealer, highlighters and blushes, so your best ally to looking your best is to wear a great color next to your face.  The right color will make you look all handsome and shtuff.  The wrong color, could make you look ill, so take note when trying them on.

 RVCA Plate SweaterOriginal Penguin Basic Slub Jack PoloRVCA Marrow Shorts 

Guys love their shorts don’t they. Some wear them all year round and others wait until the appropriate 70 degrees hits but either way shorts can be worn come spring. And P.S. you’re not in college anymore so the cargo shorts don’t have to be a staple anymore. A flat front straight pair like these RVCA Marrow Shorts shown are SO much more flattering. They should hit right at the top of the knee and I know I’m beating a dead horse but a little hug in the rear goes along with shorts too guys. I’m just putting it out there.

For those chillier days and evenings, just layer like we’ve done here with two mid weight pieces – the RVCA Plate Sweater and the Original Penguin Basic Slub Jack Polo. This way you look like an Oregonian and not a Californian who just moved up.

RVCA Mandrill Tee ; Comune Carl Jeans

I just had a client today ask me where to find tee shirts for her husband that have great graphics but aren’t an advertisement on what a geek he is or what brand of beer or football team he prefers.  I’ve always liked RVCA for their graphics. They are cool but not overt.  A tee shirt should just skim your shape so make sure your checking the care tags and your washing and drying properly.  A cool tee can turn into a half shirt with just one spin in the dryer.  If you’re looking to steer clear of the shrinkage then choose a cotton poly blend.

Now dudes, listen up. It doesn’t take much, just a little effort.  Make sure it fits, wear some color, layer if you need to and make sure you’re following the care instructions.  Those of us that love you will appreciate seeing you look your best.

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