Ok so I asked for a challenge and I got one. My friend Julia is heading to a wedding at a resort where she’ll be…camping.  Her dilemma was, obvious, what to pack so she could feel dressed up enough, yet be able to get dressed in a tent.  We found her three different solutions. Like every good Personal Stylist, I first needed the details.

The wedding location was going to be HOT HOT HOT!  So she needed something that was light and comfortable.  She was going to be getting ready in a tent literally so an iron or steamer wasn’t an option. She wanted to wear a dress and she wanted it to function for the rest of her life, making her purchase have even more value. LOVE value!


This Ella Moss Sand Dune Dress is perfect. Light and airy, flattering in cut and color and being that it’s knit, it won’t wrinkle easily and was as comfortable as PJ’s (I always refer to comfort as PJ’s can you tell, I love my naps), this could be a perfect choice. Easy throw on and go. We paired it with a bright flat sandal that complimented the dress but would still be casual enough for a casual wedding.  Julia also loved it so much she bought it. That’s a good sign.

adorn2This RVCA Dahir Dress caught both Julia and I’s eye.  Cotton and light this dress was perfect for the super hot temps but also had such interest with the half moon cut and drape to the hem. We simply paired a Kris Nations anchor necklace and of course LOVE earrings, totally appropriate for a wedding. For fun we layered some bracelets that added some color but also tied back into the brown of the dresses.

adorn3So you’ve seen what Julia picked and what we both picked out…this was MY pick and my favorite. I love love LOVE the colors in this Ella Moss Vineyard Floral Yoke dress. SO summery and festive. Again it won’t wrinkle easy. It’s light and airy. Flattering on Julia’s awesome hourglass figure and come fall she could totally pair it with opaque tights and a blazer. Hello, value. This day we paired a simple flat sandal with this which are dressy enough with the gold detail but functional for navigating the dirt trails of her camping sight as well as dancing well into the night.

Now tell us, which was your favorite?

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