Okay it’s time we stopped talking about the clothes shown on models and started talking about the clothes on REAL people!!

Meet Mariah. A friend of Shop Adorn and wicked adorable. She’s had a rough time of it lately and because of that she’d lost a bunch of weight but as the roller coaster comes to a stop, she’s finding that she’s started to level her weight out and wants some cut pieces that flatter her curves but that she also is comfortable in and feels confident wearing. Here are a few of the options we found for her.

tulle dress

What is spring without the perfect spring dress!  This kelly green Tulle dress really suits Mariah’s petite, hourglass, long body, body type. First the slightly wider straps help support and balance Mariah’s chest while the empire cut visually shortens her her long torso and the above the knee length, makes her legs look 4″ longer!  Run off to a BBQ or summer wedding in this dress in the summer or pair your favorite navy blazer with it now for date night.

fine collection dress

Who doesn’t want to look like they popped off the pages of a styled magazine but feel like they’re in their most comfy sweats? Well this knit Fine Collection Dress will do just that. The neutral color makes the perfect foundation to pair just about anything you want with it!  This time around we paired the QSW Bonzer Vest with it to give the outfit some dimension and interest. Then we layered some Betsy & Iya jewelry favorites to give this outfit some color and edge. And speaking of edge. Notice again that Mariah’s waist is not lost with the drawstring waist as well as the structure the vest gives her mid section.

j brand jeans

But doesn’t it always come back down to our favorite denim? Haven’t found them yet? Oh well we found them for you! You have to check out and try on these JBrand Jegging. They look like your favorite denim but feel like your yoga pants. To help elongate Mariah’s  petite height we paired the jegging’s with a matching tank top to create a long uninterrupted line. Then we layered over it, your new work horse, the KUT from Kloth green linen surplus shirt. This shirt can be a swim cover up, your go to when you’re having a ‘fat’ day top or the ‘I know this will work’ top that you wear like once a week because you love it so much.  To elongate Mariah’s lower half, we took the blouse and tied it at the tiny of her waist. This will not only visually elongate her legs but draws attention to one of Mariah’s assets, her itty bitty teeny weeny waist.  When you’ve got it, flaunt it and if you don’t fake it.  So the tops, tank and jeans are great but you know we can’t leave this outfit undone without The Bow. True to Marylyn Monroe we paired some simple but bold gold earrings and a raspberry and gold chain necklace to make this an ensemble.  Looks effortless, put together and flatters perfectly.

Now Mariah has three new outfits that fit her hourglass figure, flatter her long torso and shorter, athletic legs and she can wear all of these outfits to so many of her occasions it will make every piece functional. But what really matters is, Mariah feels fantastic and confident. That’s is exactly how your clothes should make you feel.

Come in and find your perfect outfit!  Or check out more about DahlStyle and how I can help you find exactly what you need and want.