I often say, “I have a bag problem” because I LOVE handbags! It’s so easy to have this ‘problem’ when you can find such beautiful and functional bags that will add SO much to your outfit!  Here are just a few I found at Shop Adorn with tips on HOW and WHO should wear what style. Yes, bags need to fit too!

Cross Body/Clutch

Tokyobay Purse

Who isn’t a sucker for function? And what’s more functional than a bag that can be worn cross body or as a clutch.  This Tokyo Bay is SO stylish with the bright blue color and silver studs.  AND UNDER $75! Swear to god!

How: Rock this bag cross body with the square of the bag hitting at your hip, or clutch it in your beautifully polished fingers. This bag will compliment any bright color you choose to wear like these Kut from Kloth slim boyfriend jeans or it will add color to any neutral like this Raw Earth tee.

Who: The cross body works really well for anyone who has a small to medium size chest and who has a balanced body type.  This includes hourglass and straight body types. Those who want to avoid this style are pear/triangle shaped and large chested body types. Why? Because the bag will draw attention to your hips if you’re pear shaped. And if you’re large chested the strap will cut your chest apart in an unflattering way.  The solution? Either shorten the straps so it turns into a shoulder bag or just take the strap off and wear as a clutch, even with jeans and a tee. Yes, a clutch can be and should be worn casually.

Cross Body

Free People Peace Maker Dress

Talking about casual, I love the style of this Parfleche cross body bag, it is just gorgeous and one of those bags you’ll have for a lifetime and will just get better with age.

How: Because it’s so neutral you can wear this with just about anything but it does read boho so we put it with this adorable and flattering Free People dress because it stayed consistent with that bohemian vibe.

 The Stylish Shopper

Rosanna Bag

There it is, function, again…this Rosanna bag has such style but is something you can take to the pool, the beach, on a plane or to your local grocery store. Check out how it opens and expands! I could do some serious shopping damage with that much room:)

How: This bag has so much style and pattern to it, I would suggest pairing it with something a little more simple like this Paige Chambray Dress so the bag really stands out. But it really is something that you can grab and use any day for any reason. And at $44 it’s SO affordable!

Who: Anyone…yup, Anyone.

The Shoulder Bag

melie bianco

Oh Mellie Bianco, you make such beautiful handbags with such detail and sophistication. These under $100 bags look so much more expensive.  They wear well and I LOVE the polka dot inside fabric.

How: This bag is so neutral, it can go with anything!! Here we paired in with neutral but very interesting pieces like this Kut from Kloth denim jacket paired with this long Bailey 44 skirt. Wear it on your shoulder or by the hand as shown in shown in the photo.

Melie Bianco Phillipa Hobo Bag in Taupe

Who: Depending on your body type, on your shoulder. The only exclusion is, if you’re top heavy then you may want to carry the bag by hand thus, balancing out your slimmer lower half with your fuller upper body.

So there you have it, some tips on how to and who should wear these fabulous bags.  But let’s get real, it’s about function so choose a bag that functions for what you need, feels great on your shoulder but try to find a great bag that flatters you as well.  With all these selections, it shouldn’t be difficult.

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