I have clients who are seriously attached to their neutrals.  It’s usually black but yes, I see addictions to gray and brown and khaki as well.  Wardrobes filled with it. Why? Because neutrals go with everything, especially each other, so it’s easy. Which is fine but I like to advise to add color and contrast to your neutrals.  It keeps them interesting and since they are neutrals, they’ll go with anything…fool proof.  Here are some visual suggestions to help you out.

kut catherine

People love Khaki because it goes with everything, it’s a great neutral to own especially as a layering piece like this Left of Houston Knit Tank, it could go under most any jacket or cardigan you own, but too much khaki can be a little boring so punch it up with a bold bright like these apple green Kut from Kloth slim boyfriend jeans. These add personality to your neutral and the apple green will also look incredible with all the black you own as well.  Oh I have your number don’t I? Ha ha.

Tart Blazer

There it is again, khaki, darker this time around. It’s a GREAT neutral and it’s NOT BLACK, yay! This Tart Blazer in brownie is a great color for all of you that look good and love warm tones. But PLEASE pair color with it! Even if that color is the blue in your denim. And you know what a fan I am of the Prairie Underground denim girdle, I myself own this wash color and they go with everything. Follow my Instagram: Dahl_Style to see just how often I wear mine.

Bobi ClothingHere is another example of popping a bright color with your browns and taupe’s AND wearing it all with your denim blue.  Have you discovered the Bobi Clothing line yet? Butter soft and beautiful drape. I love this Bobi cardigan paired with the complimentary bright Bobi tee. But don’t stop there, rock a handbag with some color. This Melie Bianco Monique Hobo bag adds another complimentary color to this outfit that makes it truly an ensemble.

sanctuary clothing

Oh I wasn’t going to leave you lovers of black out now, but I had you worried didn’t I. I am a HUGE fan of this Free People Lace Dress because it can be worn with just about anything and it’s SO flattering for almost any body type!  Here it’s been paired with mid-rise black Genetic denim and a tan, (noticing a theme?) Sanctuary Clothing cardigan. It’s a great contrast to the black that adds interest but also notice how slimming it is with the narrow black line of the dress and pant creating an uninterrupted visual line, center front.

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