You can’t show up to a BBQ with a wool scarf around your neck. However, you can find a beautiful, lightweight scarf to adorn your neck for the summer months. Here are a few tips to finding the right scarf for your summer fit.

adorn1The Look:
Michael Stars scarf (available in store)
Ella Moss Blouse
Kut from the Kloth Brigitte ankle skinnies
Melie Bianco clutch

Color is HUGE. HA-YU-G!  You want to choose a color that flatters you. You may LOVE teal, or green but they may not love you back.  Always try a scarf on and look in the natural light. Does the color make your cheek color stand out? Your eye color pop? Or does it make you look tired and gray? You also don’t want to wear a color that wears you. Do you see YOU first or the COLOR first. It should all be in balance and not take away from your natural beauty.


The Look:
Shiraleah scarf (available in store)
Bobi Colorblock Maxi
Belgo Lux belt
Mishakaudi Swoonen Necklace

Scarves can be so versatile. Not only can you use them to adorn your neck but you can wrap them around your shoulders to keep you warmer on those chilly summer evenings. You can also wrap a scarf around your hips and use as a swimsuit cover-up.  Make a great purchase work for you!


The Look:
Girly scarf (available in store)
LA Made tank top
Mishakaudi Swoonen Necklace
Paige Hidden Hills jeans
Melie Bianco clutch

Don’t be boring with your scarf. Mix your patterns. The key to mixing it up is to choose two patterns that are different in scale and/or type (one larger, one smaller pattern/polka dot and floral). For the novice there should be at least one color in common to make it make sense. Just try it. You might find a great combination. I personally love horizontal stripes paired with…any pattern.

Scarves. They are affordable, decorative and versatile. They can make an old outfit new and refreshed, and a new outfit unique and original. And if you want some assistance on HOW to tie a scarf, Check THIS video out.

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