I was just working an event the other night at Adorn and on my way out the door I realized that I didn’t have a bag in my hand and was astonished! I seem to never be able to leave that store without walking out the door with at least an item or two. That’s the kind of store Adorn is to me. I just love it!

Now I think the only reason I was empty handed that night was because I wasn’t feeling well and wanted to get home because once I recovered I remembered a number of items that I passed up that I’m still coveting… here are just a few.

Tulle High Waisted Shorts in Creme BruleeTulle High Waisted Shorts

Now I don’t have the legs for these adorable lace Tulle Shorts but if I DID I would wear them with a denim shirt and wedge sandals. Or maybe a simple tank top with flat sandals, or… Oh there are just too many options. Off to do some lunges…

Tulle Knee Length Button Dress in Coral Ikat Print

Tulle Knee Length Button Dress

This ikat Tulle tunic dress would be SO cute with a pair of the Prairie Underground denim girdle capri or if you’re petite, as a dress! It’s a fantastic ‘throw and go’ as I like to call, easy and stylish pieces. Great for a BBQ or night out with girls. The waist detail is flattering as is the angled pockets.

Ella Moss Dress

Ella Moss Lily Strapless Dress

Okay you know that occasion that sneaks up on you all the time that you have nothing to wear to… THIS is the dress you get to wear to it! The High School reunion (if you’re me) or the backyard wedding (if you’re ALL of my clients, so it seems). This Ella Moss dress can be dressed down with a denim jacket and Yosi Samra flats or dressed up with a strappy sandal and a clutch. LOOKS amaze-balls with turquoise…

Melie Bianco Saura Clutch in Aqua

Melie Bianco Saura Clutch

Speaking of…this Melie Bianco clutch is gorge! This can be worn day or night cross body or as a clutch. It will be one of those pieces that adds SO MUCH to your outfit you won’t believe how you lived without it.

Jack by BB Dakota Abbelville Jacket in Grey

Jack by BB Dakota Abbelville Jacket

And last, you all know I love to layer with jackets. I mean a great, fitted jacket can take a tank and jeans to a whole new level, effortlessly! Hello, Jennifer Aniston-esque. This Jack by BB Dakota jacket looks SO cute worn open and is SO flattering! And at $80 bucks it’s a steal! Wear over ANYTHING… literally. Do it. It will look great. Now that’s a great investment.

So now I’d better run to Adorn before y’all go a buy up all my coveted items…


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