Summer. We get so excited for it then when it comes we complain about having to expose so much skin. One of the basic rules of Personal Style is to always feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. Here are some examples of some stylish outfits that are season appropriate but will keep the areas you aren’t so confident about, covered.


tart dressTart Cherie Dress
Mishakaudi Necklace
Betsy & Iya Pastime Paradise Necklace
Manos Agave Tote ($132; available in store)
Zad Bracelet ($18; available in store)

It seems like so many tops and dresses in the summer expose your chest. You can solve the problem by wearing tanks layered underneath but why not just find a dress that covers this area and helps to show off your great arms and legs! I LOVE this Tart Collections dress that Jana, a local photographer and owner of Jana Foo Photography, is wearing. Not only is it a gorgeous color on her but the cut is flattering and still sexy while not showing too much. The higher cut neckline is perfect to showcase beautiful and colorful jewelry like these pieces from Mishakaudi and Betsy & Iya. The solid color will help balance out your body proportions and will be a great base to pair a colorful and gorgeous handbag such as these amazing handmade handbags.

Chest and Legs

gentle fawn dressGentle Fawn Bowery Dress
Prairie Underground Denim Girdle Capri
Melie Bianco Samy Hobo
Lulu Catalina Necklace ($68; available in store)
Lulu Stone Earrings ($40; available in store)

One complaint many of my clients have if they have a cup size larger than C is they want to wear a tank that will cover their bra straps. This beautiful and feminine Gentle Fawn dress/tunic is so flattering with the angled layers plus the straps are wide enough to cover any bra strap. On EB here, she’s so tall that wearing it as a tunic over a pair of thePrairie Underground Denim Girdle Capri works well.  EB is owner of the Unfold Yoga Studio so I’m sure she’s confident in exposing her limbs but if your legs are an area you don’t love, the girdle capris by Prairie Underground are a great silhouette that will keep you cool and covered.


prairie underground dressPrairie Underground Georgette Dress
Towne & Reese Necklace ($28; available in store)

Jana has great legs but I’m one of those that don’t love my legs. Wearing long maxi skirts and long pants can get really warm on those exceptionally warm days.  Then I found this Prairie Underground dress. The lowest panel on this dress is a little sheer so you can still see the silhouette of your legs but they are camouflaged by the color and the fabric. It is just an easy going fabulous dress that you can pair with flip flops, boots or strappy sandals. And seriously, how adorable is Jana in this! She found and paired this turquoise necklace that pairs so well with the Pizazz color of this dress.


prairie underground hunter vestecoSkin Calabasas Dress
Prairie Underground Hunter Vest
Hardtail Leggings
Yosi Samra Ballet Flats
Kenda Kist Necklace ($80; available in store)
Manos Zapotecas Bag ($30; available in store)

Now EB has some great arms but I have a number of clients who are a few years older than EB who are not in love with their arms. What you want to look for are sleeves that come to above your elbow and fabrics that are light and airy. We hit the jackpot with this tunic by ecoSkin. This top is lightweight and airy. I love the high low cut which is flattering for any body type. The neutral color is one that can be combined with any color your fancy. The tabs at the arms gives this style some interest plus it also allows you to roll your sleeves up as high or as low as you’d like. Because EB is so tall we paired this top/dress with some Hardtail leggings and simple Yosi Samra flats to finish off the look.

So whether it be your arms, legs or chest you don’t love to expose in the summer, there are solutions so you feel confident and fabulous this summer!

A big Thank You to Jana Foo of Jana Foo Photography and EB Ferdig of Unfold Yoga Studio for being fabulous models!

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