The best way to make your old clothes feel new again is to add NEW jewelry.  But jewelry has to fit you as well. Nope you can’t just throw a piece on, it has to fit you, flatter you, function for your lifestyle. It should feel great and definitely be friendly with your wardrobe.  Nothing worse than having a great piece of jewelry that you have nothing to wear with!

Kris Nations Leaf NecklaceTumbleweed Square Shape Necklace

First you need to consider your skin tone. If you have yellow undertones to your skin you should stick to wearing warm colored metals such as gold or brass. And if you have fair skin with pink undertones metals such as silver or platinum, steel will look best on you. Now this is always a topic of frustration for my yellow unertoned clients who love silver. So what do I do? I compromise. A great way for silver lovers to wear gold is to mix your metals, wear a necklace that has brass, or gold, with silver. The Kris Nations Pendant necklaces come in gold and silver in lots of different shapes so you can mix and match.

Sahlia Long Shield NecklaceLulu Aspen Necklace (available in store)

You also want to consider what you’re wearing with choosing jewelry. You want the shortest part of your necklaces to hit above or at least 1″ below the neckline of your top. The reason is, you don’t want your necklace to play ‘peek-a-boo’ hiding in and out of your top.

Betsy & Iya Triple Feather Ring; Mitch Rings (available in store)

Why wear just one ring on your ring finger when you can layer your rings ontop of eachother! Mixing a larger ring on one finger with a smaller one or two stacked on the other finger is a great and contemperary way to wear your jewelry.

Layer away the longer your fingers and hands are. The longer your fingers the more rings on each finger you can wear. If you have a petite hand then keep your rings to one or two fingers so as not to overwhelm your beautiful little hand.

Tumbleweed Promise RingsGirly Rings (available in store)

Dainty little rings like these Promise Rings by Tumbleweed  are perfect for dainty little hands. If you have larger hands but want to wear a small dainty ring then layer them, this way they won’t get lost on your hand.  And it will give your larger hands a really pretty feminine look.

Tumbleweed Promise BraceletLulu Adjustable Leather Bracelet (available in store); Assorted Bracelets (available in store)

Layering bracelets is a fun way to dress up even your most casual of outfits. Notice how these bracelets all have different textures and sizing but they have similar style stories that keep them in common. Pair two together or if you have long or thing forearms, layer away!   If you have wider forearms or wrists then keep the bracelets you choose on the smaller side. Thick, wide bracelets can add visual bulk to your arm.

Tokyo Bay Gaucho Watch; Zad Bracelets (available in store)

Don’t forget your watch as well, that too should have style and interest.  It’s always disappointing to see a very well dressed woman wearing a rubber sports watch.  Pick color, texture and layer with other bracelets.

Remember to have fun with your accessories and wear them well!

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