Among other fashion mavens, I am often on the hunt for the latest and greatest pieces to add to my (color coded) wardrobe. At Shop Adorn, finding things I love is a dangerously easy task. It was really hard narrowing my favorites down to five; however, I did it! Here are my employee favorites of the month and reasons why they MUST belong in my closet (and yours!)—Enjoy!

Furies Uchi Tee

1. The Furies Uchi Tee
There can never be enough oversized tees in my life. I love a good soft cotton shirt to wear with a pair of denim or, if the shirt is long enough to cover my booty (and it’s very important it does—the leggings as pants look is NOT cute), I’ll wear it with some NikiBiki leggings. Since I’m vertically challenged, things like these are most of the time applicable to wear as a tee as well as a dress; so the wear-ability of the item basically doubles!

2. Mishakaudi Necklace
It’s not that I don’t love a good arm or hand party, I’m just partial to necklaces. I love to wear gold and am really into a statement necklace. They work wonderfully with a casual outfit. Additionally, you can take a “going out” look to the next level with a lovely statement piece. No fuss necessary. I definitely encourage layering necklaces too; just be sure to not overwhelm your neck!

Paige Hidden Hills Jeans

3. Paige Hidden Hills Jeans
There are not enough superlatives to explain my love for a good fitting pair of jeans. Add to the equation an amazing bell-bottom or boot-cut style and I’m speechless. Paige denim fits SO well and the flare at the bottom adds length to the leg.

LA Made

4. LA Made Swing Tank
A silky, smooth, pastel colored tank top with mint green piping is a true summer staple in my eyes. When the weather gets hot, a cool silk is going to do me so many favors and drape so nicely. LA Made has got me covered this season.

nikibiki leggings

5. NikiBiki Leggings
I feel it’s important to express that leggings should not substitute pants, but they can, however, be a fabulous alternative to pants when you don’t want that heavy bottom weight holding you down. I make sure my top covers my booty and then I’ll go straight for the NikiBiki leggings. They are so soft, stretchy, and comfortable. I absolutely consider these a must-have with dresses and under skirts or shorts for the chilly spring days to come.

That’s it for this week on Employee Picks! Shop online or visit us at our Portland Boutique!