The start of a new year always promises change. Eat healthier! Reach out to long lost friends! Volunteer! But as January slowly fades into August, it seems these resolutions have become harder and harder to keep as we age… but not in 2014!  The trick to keeping your resolution is to make it simple. Overhauling your life and deciding to change from carnivore to vegan isn’t going to happen in a day. By making small, incremental changes, you’re much more likely to actually stick to your resolution! If you haven’t decided on your New Year’s resolution, here is a little inspiration from your very own Shop Adorn team!


1. Nicole Whitesell – Ringmaster
Resolution: Do fun things with the family
Holiday Guilty Pleasure: Taking naps on Christmas day

2. Samantha Lemieux – Styling/Marketing Superstar
Resolution: Do Yoga AT LEAST twice a week!!
Holiday Guilty Pleasure: Buying the marked down holiday candy from the grocery store

3. Jessica Barton – Weekend Sales Chica
Resolution: To be more relaxed and goofy when home with my husband and less complaining about my neck pain and house chores
Holiday Guilty Pleasure: Buying gifts for myself from “Santa”

4. Amber Smith – Web Development Master
Resolution: To weigh 20lbs less (how original) and make a profit on my art
Holiday Guilty Pleasure: Almond Rocha, British Christmas Cake and lots of Soy Nog

5. Kristen Siefkin – Sales Diva
Resolution: To live a year without self-created chaos and to surround myself only with people whom I love and who love me
Holiday Guilty Pleasure: “My brother’s homemade buttery caramels — he sends a box every year and they are insane. I love them so much, I even hide them from my husband!”

6. Angela Wyatt – Data Entry Guru
Resolution: To take one day at a time and stay present
Holiday Guilty Pleasure: Peppermint Patties (the drink, that is)

7. Katie Collins – Blogger Babe
Resolution: To make 2014 as amazing as 2013!
Holiday Guilty Pleasure: Making DIY Hanukkah decorations from Pinterest

We want to hear your New Year’s resolution, too! You can tweet it to us @shopadorn or leave it in the comments below. Thanks to you guys, this year has been an amazing journey. Even during the brief three months I spent in Portland working in the shop, it was one of my best memories of the year. From “twerking” to the Harlem Shake, I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store!