Wendy Westerwelle

Stylist/Retail Therapist

How long have you been working here?

Three glorious years!

What inspires your personal style the most?

Freedom, comfort, well made garments, fabric, fit on my body, ethnic, and European

What is your favorite part about working with Adorn?

My customers and my Adorners. It is a pleasure to work with beautiful women of all ages and sizes and styles. I absolutely love to dress our customers! And,  the truth is as I am 70 years old, I will only work where I’m happy and where I can do my best work because the inventory speaks to me. I appreciate the ethics and heart of the owners of the company. There is an atmosphere here that makes me want to come to work everyday.

What is your favorite brand carried by Adorn?

I love Prairie Underground and Hard Tail and The O’Dells and Veronica M. Quality is key to me. The best part of Adorn for me is the curated variety! The best of the best for many ladies!

What is your favorite current trend? How would you style it?

I adore denim for all ages and sizes. A great pair of Premium Denim with a wonderful oversized sweater or tunic, huge earrings and a cuff bracelet! Good boots too! I adore accessories, and scarves from LA Made should be a must have for every woman’s wardrobe! A leather jacket over a very dressy cocktail dress is fabulous or a Fidelity jean jacket over and skinny tee from Hard Tail and leggings. Bold colors are also perfect accompanied by black!

What fashion advice do you have for this upcoming season?

Let yourself go out of your comfort zone. Try a color someone said you could’t wear. Wear jeans for a party with a fabulous Johnny Was velvet tunic and great shoes!

What is your favorite item you have ever purchased from Adorn?

I hold my Prairie Underground Cocoon Jacket close to me! I have to love what I purchase and I love my pieces from Adorn!