We all have those friends – the ones who probably hate us behind closed doors but smile and make condescending comments when we are forced to coexist in social groups. Inevitably, you pick her name for the yearly game of Secret Santa. Now what? As much as you’d like to give her a taste of her own medicine, it is always the best idea to take the high road. I’ve compiled a list of gift ideas that might just inspire her to change her wicked ways. Even the Grinch managed to find holiday cheer in the end!


1) Kut from the Kloth Jewel Sleeve Cardigan. Buying clothing as a gift is always tricky, unless you are buying for your significant other or best friend. Style is a very personal decision, so it can be hard to choose a piece that works with someone’s closet you aren’t familiar with. It is best to always go with either outstandingly unique items or basic neutrals. This cardigan incorporates the best of both worlds. The unique shape is something she probably doesn’t already own, while the color can be worn with anything! The added bonus? The cardigan is supposed to fit loosely, so even if you make a mistake on guessing the size, it will probably fit!

2) Coffee Cup Coozie. The holiday season is about universal kindness and “doing onto others as you wish onto yourself.” Who doesn’t love a dose of cuteness in her life? This coffee coozie is the perfect gift for the coffee addict, environmentalist, or Washingtonian in your life! The maker of these coozies has several designs available and they’re all made in Portland! If you’re feeling especially giving this December, stock up and give one to everyone in the office!

3) Tumbleweed Promise Ring. This is another good option for a gift limited to a price range or as an add-on to a gift you’ve already gotten. Tumbleweed’s promise rings are such an adorable idea! They symbolize a promise you’ve made to yourself and constantly remind you to uphold it. The promise can be about anything from simply being a better person to ordering a tall instead of a grande latte every time you visit Starbucks! Hopefully your frenemy will resolve to do the former…

4) Betsy & Iya Leather Bangles: Nothing says “peace offering” like a friendship bracelet. It shows that you are taking the high road and are willing to give something to this girl regardless of how annoying they are. These Betsy & Iya leather bangles are a perfect affordable option and we’re sure your frenemy will forget how much you annoy her as well!

5) Butter London 3-Free Nail Lacquer in Gobsmacked. Only a few steps above the dreaded gift of soap and body lotion, nail polish is traditionally viewed as the “gift when you don’t know what to give.” But with Butter’s high quality gloss and unique colors, it is the perfect present, especially when you have to buy under a price limit. Not only is glitter nail polish extremely trendy for the holidays, but the dark color is also sleek and matches everything, even her heart (just kidding!). It is the perfect amount of glam for the glitz of New Year’s Eve. Just don’t let her get away with kissing your partner at midnight!

It might be hard to realize while she is upstaging your favorite story with one of her own, but your frenemy is really only a friend in disguise. Just as you think she must secretly hate you, she probably has the same incorrect assumption about you! Maybe instead of a tangible gift, you should splurge for a wine tasting for two or tickets to see her favorite band. Write it off as a noble effort to overcome your differences! Maybe by December 2014, you’ll be researching gift ideas for a new best friend!