Holiday Gift Guide: The Mother-in-Law

Unlike buying gifts for friends, finding the perfect present for your Mother-in-Law is terrifying. Friends will always forgive you for that time you thought a membership to the Vegetable of the Month club was a good gift idea. But Mother-in-Laws, especially if you’ve only recently become married, are another ball game. There’s a fine line between appearing stingy and as if you are trying to buy her approval. The only way to overcome this balancing act is to give a gift that shows you are interested in her and have been listening to her likes and dislikes. As each Mother-in-Law is different, it is hard to create a universal gift, but these suggestions in our holiday gift guide are sure to open the relationship for some womanly bonding. After all, why would her son know the difference between matte and glossy nail polish?

the mother in law

1) Tano Bag Check. Just like her shade of lipstick, a woman’s handbag changes with each passing season. This provides a great opportunity to pick out her new one! If she doesn’t seem too picky, the Tano Bag is a great color for winter and is the perfect midsize to carry the necessities plus a bit more. However, if you need to find out your Mother-in-Law’s purse preferences, a great idea would be to invite her shopping to help pick out gifts for her son. Casually take a detour to the handbag department and see what catches her eye. The same tactic could work for just about any type of item you were considering AND it clocks some serious bonding time!

2) Subtle Luxury Cami Slip in Nude. While it may seem a bit off-color to be buying undergarments for someone you’re not intimately familiar with, this slip is worth the initial awkwardness! If your M.I.L. is fashion forward but starting to shy away from the shorter cut dresses and skirts, this is a great innovation to introduce into her wardrobe. It automatically lengthens any hem while providing cute feminine details. Giving her this along with a cute dress and invitation to Sunday brunch would be the best way to make a good impression!

3) Butter London Lips & Tips in West End Wonderland. This set is a great add-on to any gift and up’s the glam factor of everyone, regardless of age. In my family, all of the middle aged women pride themselves on having perfectly manicured nails in neutral colors. If your second mother is anything like these ladies, her neutrals need a serious update. What I love about this color is that the gold is subtle enough add shimmer without looking like you just returned from an episode of the Jersey Shore. Maybe you’ll discover that she’s a secret lover of Butter London, too!

4) Yosi Samra Ballet Flat in Blush Patent. Sometimes the best peace offering is sharing a product you love yourself. If you’ve ever worn our Yosi Samra flats, you know that they are so comfortable while being fashionable – a rare find! This provides an opportunity to explain how you’ve noticed a lot of similarities between the two of you (maybe throw in a joke about not being able to wear heels while constantly cleaning up after your shared love!) and hopefully make her realize that you two have more in common than not. If she falls in love with these neutral flats, maybe you can coax her into the more adventurous styles of Yosi Samra!

5) Puji Pottery. We all know that the best way to man’s heart is through his stomach, so if you’re a fellow culinary artist, try reaching out to his mom on neutral ground – the kitchen. Puji bowls are handcrafted in Portland and customizable to match any kitchen. The designs range from modern to simple to adorable (birds, anyone?!). A cute idea is to figure out her favorite type of candy or portable dessert and fill the bowl with it! Maybe the old adage works for the man’s mother, as well?

Fortunately, I am still a single lady and do not have the stress of concocting a gift for my man’s mother, but I definitely have done a fair amount of shopping for my mother’s friends during our neighborhood Secret Santa! I’ve found that even middle aged woman are just young adults at heart and love any gift that gets them “in tune” with what’s popular and trendy right now. But like I said before, each M.I.L. is different! It is up to you to decode her. Don’t worry! You managed to capture the heart of her son and you’ll win over her’s, too.

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