Finding the perfect gift isn’t one of those things you can put off until the night before. Much like a 20 page research paper, it requires attention to detail and a lot of passion – two ingredients that are hard to find at 2am after a night of holiday cheer. Thanks to the popularity of technology, you can now jot down little reminders when your best friend is lusting over a new handbag or mourning the loss of her favorite coffee mug. But if you haven’t been paying attention the past 12 months, our Portland Boutique is here to give you a few unique gift ideas for your friend who seems to have everything!

The Girl Who Has Everything

1) Krochet Kids Miranda Infinity Scarf: The best gift always keeps on giving and that’s why we love carrying the Krochet Kids brand. The brand’s mission is to help women in Uganda and Peru rise above povertyand learn valuable skills through crocheting. Workers are paid a fair wage that allows them to start building a life. My favorite feature of the products is that each scarf, hat, and bag includes a panel listing the crocheter’s name and location. It gives an answer to question of where our clothing comes from. Maybe this gift will inspire your friend to continue helping good causes!

2) Betsy & Iya Kacie Ring in Brass. Assuming your friend is just as fabulous as you, there’s no doubt she would love a piece of statement jewelry. This modern ring is simple enough to wear with everything, but the details set it apart from other rings. Plus, the adjustable size eliminates any awkward fit issues! To complete the gift, you could loop a cute cotton scarf through the center of the ring and give two accessories in one!

3) Oregon Stag Lowball Glass: It isn’t fair to cater this list only to the women! Shout out to you ladies who have the perks of being besties with a low-drama guy. Men are notoriously difficult to shop for during the holidays, so aim for something everyone loves: Portland! I found these beauties on Etsy and the seller has an entire website collection of glassware and mugs featuring unique designs like badgers and pufferfish. The best part? They’re made in Portland! Celebrate guilt free, knowing you’re supporting fellow Oregonians!

4) Niki Biki Cami Pack in Dusk: There are a few traits that all women have in common – a love for chocolate, a habit of secretly jamming out to the radio while alone in the car, and an unfinished search for comfortable and flattering camis. Surely you’ve visited the shop and tried on (and probably purchased!) a Niki Biki cami. I’m convinced they are made of magic due to their ability to smooth curves and layer perfectly under every top. Instead of simply giving your friend a pack of three camis, consider it as giving her an invitation to join the secret society of women who know Niki Biki is where it’s at.

5) LA Made Maxi DressFinding the right balance between unique and useful is tough. I always try to give a gift that I know the recipient hasn’t seen before, but isn’t too outrageous that it will never see the outside of her closet. This dress is the cosmopolitan version of the mullet: business on the top, party on the bottom. It can easily be dressed up for a sophisticated party or dressed down for a casual weekday dinner date. Plus, unlike some colors, metallics never go out of season!

While this guide is designed to give you a few ideas for that hard-to-shop-for friend, nothing can replace originality and heart. Even the most traditional gift can be spruced up with a handmade card or heartfelt inside joke. Get creative! Some of the most unique gifts I’ve ever received are the simplest. It’s the thought that counts, after all.