Being a fashion blogger seems to be a pretty good gig – unrestricted freedom of expression, a loyal fan base, and absolutely adorable clothes! Rather than looking at the runway for inspiration, I always check fashion blogs first. I love how they break down outfits piece by piece and discuss the details you’d never know simply by online shopping. I’m a guilty review addict – I always trust other women’s opinions most of all! While browsing my favorite blogs, I realized that many of their casual outfits could easily be recreated by items we have in our fall collection! Take a peek at some great ways to style our versatile faves!


Look 1: Caramel Latte. Neutrals don’t have to be boring! It’s all about pattern in this ensemble.  While the top and scarf aren’t especially eye-catching, the look is pulled together by a pair of unique jeans that have a stunning pattern and gloss. Our Henry and Belle Lila Ankle denim has a similar sheen that gives a classy upgrade to the popular liquid leggings. Go with a flowy white top like the Velvet by Graham and Spencer Rosie Blouse for a casual and comfortable look or pair with a fitted white top to give the outfit a sleeker look. Top it off with an accessory that complements the denim. This could be a bag, statement necklace or scarf like our Krochet Kids Madison Scarf.


Look 2: Urban Camping. Doesn’t this outfit just make you want to escape into the forest for a weekend? Something about flannel-inspired patterns just makes me want to get in tune with nature. Pendleton, a brand known for its dedication to represent the Oregon spirit, has embraced this pattern, too! The Pendleton Portland Collection Lowell Shirt Dress is a great alternative to the popular shirt. Our Prairie Underground Regalia Vest is the perfect layering piece to add detail. Now all you need is a compass and you’re ready to wander among the pines!

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 6.44.43 PM

Look 3: Casual Fridays. All too often, a “sophisticated” outfit is comprised only of dull trousers and a matching jacket. It’s almost 2014! Fashion should be an expression of your fun and crazy soul. I love this outfit because it looks put-together and professional without reminding me of my 11th grade calculus professor. Our Niki Biki Print Leggings have the most eye-catching patterns that are great under dresses in the summer and with blazers and sweaters in the fall! I was surprised to see that this look features almost the exact same bazer we have in the store. The Jack by BB Dakota Heiner Blazer has a very similar leather tuxedo collar. Wear this over the RVCA Mustafa Top for a chic but fun workday look. Maybe you’ll influence a new office dress code!


Look 4: Mixed and Match. I love mixing prints and textures! It always seems so hard to find what will “work,” but when it does, it’s so fabulous. I first noticed the mixing of the cheetah print top and geometric cardigan, but then I noticed the details of the stone necklace and suede hat! It’s all so different but looks great together. If you want this fearless look but aren’t quite sure how to pull it off, have faith! Our Velvet by Graham and Spencer Nani Scoop Neck Tank may not appear to complement the LA Made Drape Front Cardigan, but the polka dot leopard spots and contrasting stripes are just crazy enough to work. After all, don’t opposites attract? Pair with the Paige Skyline Ankle Peg and strut your stuff!


Look 5: Polar Pine. I know I said I am mainly inspired by ready-to-wear blogger fashion, but this runway look is too perfect for autumn! The combination of my favorite color, hunter green, and crisp white fur is so striking. I absolutely adore the shade of green on our Henry and Belle Super Skinny Ankle in Pine denim. It is such a distinctly “holiday” color, maybe because it reminds me of the rosemary sprigs used in my favorite Thanksgiving and Christmas recipes! Wear these jeans with the Spiewak Madison Flight Jacket to incorporate the fur collar and a light colored top for the snow-like pop of white! Everything about this outfit screams colder weather and I can’t get enough!


Look 6: Sleeping in Seattle. You know those mornings when you’d give anything to stay in your cozy bed until 1am? Soft, cuddly fabrics and warm layers can make it feel like you’ve never left your pillow. I’ll admit, I have an extensive collection of Goodwill grandpa sweaters for days like this. But if you want a more fashion-forward option, consider the Left on Houston Transcend Sweater Dress. It may not be socially acceptable to bring your favorite blanket to the grocery store, but the Prairie Underground Favourite Game is the next best thing. Our Pendleton Portland Collection Fringed Scarf adds the iconic “wintertime” pattern. Now all you need is a pair of slipper-fur inserts for your favorite shoes and it’s like you’ve never left the house!


Look 7: Jailbird. Stripes always become so popular in the summer due to the nautical trend, but who says they aren’t just as cute in autumn? Especially since the colder weather gives an excuse to wear them with a jacket, breaking up the pattern and preventing the misconception that stripes make you look wider! The Bailey 44 Deadly Embrace Dress eliminates this myth even further by chopping up the traditional stripe pattern and giving it a modern edge. The black and white color palette is so easy to accessorize. Go with classic white in the Jack by BB Dakota Camelot Coat or add a pop of color with your favorite scarf or pair of tights. The options are endless AND flawless!

Even though I’m only a guest blogger, I can appreciate all of the hard work that goes into maintaining an active blog! Daily life is crazy enough, so I can’t imagine writing daily posts and always thinking of new and creative concepts to keep the blog interesting! Consider showing your favorite blogger a bit of love this holiday season and give them a shout out on Twitter to @shopadorn! I’d love to hear who you guys follow!