Hey Guys! I’m Katie and I was offered the incredible experience to intern at Shop Adorn for the summer! I had never been to Portland before, but I have quickly fallen in love with the city and all of its quirks. When I’m not tweeting, helping with shipping, or doing many of the other things I do for Adorn, I love browsing Craigslist and going to low-key house shows in NE Portland. Kentucky is my homeland but I go to school at the University of Denver where I major in geography, which might explain my love for state-hopping.
I’m excited to write this “Links We Love” post so I can validate my many hours spent mindlessly clicking!

Links we Love1) The Real Barbie. Thanks to Nickolay Lamm, humanity is one step closer to self-acceptance. This artist has finally created a Barbie with measurements that accurately reflect the average American woman. She looks perfect to us!

Links We Love Links We Love

2) Cool Coils. Love, love, LOVE this super simple DIY guide to making a coil bracelet! It reminds us of the Roost bracelets (below) that we’ve been lusting after recently. Plus, you can add your own touches to make it a personalized piece or gift for a friend!

Links We Love

Links We Love

3) The Royal Breakdown. We may not be able to dress as well as Kate Middleton, but we can feed our royal family obsession with this helpful guide to the line of succession! Who can keep all the dukes and duchesses straight, anyway? And there’s a spot for the littlest heir!

Links We Love

4) The Art of Packing. July can only mean one thing – summer vacations! If you haven’t yet set off across the globe with your family, take a peek at this great guide to the art of packing. Finally! There’s a science to reducing wrinkles.

Links We Love5) DIY Adult Piñata. After a long week, sometimes a girl just needs a little fun. This Friday night, instead of heading out for drinks, gather your girls and make this adorable adult piñata! You can reminisce and laugh about the cutthroat politics of deciding whom to invite to your 3rd grade birthday sleepover. Don’t forget about the goodie bags!