Hey guys it’s Marion! Some call me Mern the intern. I have been living in Portland, Oregon for the past 6 years and I love this city. I could not be more excited about working with Shop Adorn! This internship has given me the opportunity to get experience with styling and marketing. I am loving every minute of it! A few little facts about myself: I am a super crafty person, I love french bulldogs, anything with stripes, and I take great care and pride with ACCESSORIZING! You can usually find me on Etsy or Ebay searching of-a-kind vintage pieces…but while surfing the web, I found these LINKS THAT I LOVE!!!

Links We Love1) Do It Yourself: Statement Necklaces
As I said, I LOVE ACCESSORIZING. You can usually catch me in a chunky, colorful or all gold necklace. I have even been starting to play around with making my own statement necklaces thanks to this awesome link that has SO many great ideas!

Links We Love2) Daily Frenchie Fix
I swear there are no bad photos of french bulldogs; only ridiculously cute ones! I may be a little biased—especially for my little white frenchie Ella Bear—but they are all so loveable. Since she is living with my mom in St. Louis, I get my Daily Frenchie Fix here.

Links We Love3) Classic Chat: From one J.Crew prep to another
In my eyes, J. Crew can do no wrong. Although they have strayed from the classics, I am constantly impressed by Jcrews style evolution. They have mastered the idea of subtly twisting and bending the classic aesthetic that made their brand so notorious, while still keeping their original vision in mind.
Links We Love4) Top 12 Succulent DIY Projects of ALL TIME
I think succulents have a way of making any room or space that much more magical. There are so many ways to display them and decorate with them. My advice to someone looking to add style to any area of their home, inside or out, simply incorporate succulents into the decor, you can’t mess it up, promise! Find all the succulent inspiration you need here!

Links We Love5) A Beautiful Mess
I love to switch up the decor in my little SE Portland apartment. Whenever I’m feeling crafty, I make sure to stop by the A Beautiful Mess blog. Here I can find the perfect DIY projects to keep my apartment looking comfy and cute all at the same time! Not only that, but they also are a wealth of knowledge for photography, fashion, beauty, and recipes. Careful, you may end up endlessly clicking!