When I walked into Adorn the other day, I instantly compartmentalized outfits for every occasion hanging there in front of me. Samantha, Adorn’s special projects manager, had asked me to pick out three looks that I’d wear myself, pick out for others, or give as gifts, basically, three outfits that I was a fan of. Well, I was a fan of everything (that’s not even an exaggeration), but what I picked out were three different occasional looks: one to run errands in, one that was both sexy & comfy and could also TOTALLY work as a Halloween costume if you were feeling the #witchyvibes and finally a brunch look because if you know me or follow my Instagram you know #imreallygoodatbrunch.

ErrandsPhoto credit: Marissa Sullivan
Errands2Photo credit: Marissa Sullivan

Top: Bobi Clothing – Pants: Nikita (in store only) – Jacket: Nikita (in store only) – Necklace: Lulu Jewelry

witchyPhoto credit: Marissa Sullivan

Dress: Red 23

BrunchPhoto credit: Marissa Sullivan
Brunch3Photo credit: Marissa Sullivan

Because brunch should be considered a sport! Sweater: Skull Cashmere – Denim: Fidelity (in store only) So there you have it. Thanks to the lovely Adorn shop girl Marissa who agreed to model for me, and I’m not saying this from any sort of bias but not only does she have the coolest name in the game, she sure is pretty Portlander ;) xo Portland’s Pretty