Only catching the news via CNN and NPR can get a bit dull and depressing. Seriously, where’s the optimistic news channel? Day after day of hearing about Obamacare and global warming can get a bit mind numbing. Luckily, world of fashion is constantly being updated, too! But finding the latest scoop on clothes requires a bit more digging. That’s why this collection of links is focused on the most interesting fashion finds of November. This holiday season, keep the party conversation flowing without having to resort to global issues. No one likes talking about the crisis in Syria over a glass of Syrah!


1) Monday is the New Friday. While Black Friday garners all the attention from shopaholics, Cyber Monday is actually the best time to get deals on fashion. Several online retailers dish out their best prices on this holiday. This article by Elle highlights the best sites to save, such as Asos, Shopbob, and Sephora. If you are interested in knowing a bit of the reasoning behind the sudden switch in shopping days, Elle has also published a little guide telling everything you need to know! Shop on!

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2) Redefining “Skin Tight.” Have you ever squeezed into a little black dress and swore that you could see every indent and curve of your body? While some may consider this a little too close for comfort, other designers have taken it a step further. Spanish fashion designer Manel Torres has created the first spray-on fabric. The concept is exactly as it sounds: the “fabric” is applied to the body like a spray tan. It then hardens into a removable fabric that can be washed and reworn. This may be the world’s only valid reason to make you reconsider ordering dessert!

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3) Men are from Mars… Everything about men is confusing. The way they show affection, why they find football so engrossing, and even how they manage to smell so bad after working out. But the real enigma? Their clothes. Women have it easy in comparison. Malls consist of mainly female fashion stores and several magazines tell us how our clothes should fit. God help me if I ever have to raise and dress a son! Luckily resources like GQ are gaining popularity and the internet exists to produce wonderful men’s fashion infographics. Take a look at this introduction to men’s fashion and maybe next time you’ll be able to tell if your date is a true Romeo or if he just stumbled out of his Dad’s closet.

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4) Fake It til You Make It. Few things in life are more sophisticated than elbow patches. This simple addition to a blazer or sweater can make any piece appropriate for lunch at the country club or a relaxing game of polo (or, in our world, a coffee date at Starbucks.) It is easy to find this trend in the autumn at stores like Banana Republic, but those options can get pricey. Why not take an old sweater and sew on patches yourself? The combinations are endless and you make it as sophisticated or bling-licious as you’d like! This DIY shows you how to make sequin elbow patches. A new twist on an old favorite!

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5) Goodwill and Good Luck! I recently discovered the most ingenious site of all time. All shopaholics love to try to create the best outfit possible, right? And who doesn’t love a bit of recognition and even a cash prize for a job well done? The website ThriftStoreRunway hosts a monthly contest to see who can put together the best second-hand outfit under $50. Anyone can enter and anyone can win! Instead of snapping daily selfies to post on Instagram, put your talents to good use and win some cash!

In my extensive experience of being invited to parties where I know virtually no one, I’ve discovered that everyone loves hearing about new and innovative ideas. Filling the awkward silence with a mention of of the spray-on fabric or thrift shop contest is a fool-proof way to glide through a painful office party. To beef up your rolodex of topics, check out HuffPost’s Weird News section for a few stories that are sure to make you the life of the party. Cheers!