April Customer of the MonthQ. Have you always lived in Portland? 

A.  No,  I am originally from New York and spent a lot of time cruising the NW waters, where my husband and I lived on our yacht for a while. When our son moved out here for business purposes, we followed.

Q. How do you like to spend your personal time?

A. I love doing volunteer work and riding my recumbent trike! Recumbent tricycles are great for many purposes; rehabilitation, recreation, transportation and for fun! I help promote their use and often ride with friends or to get groceries, etc.

Q. What are some professional and/or personal pursuits that you are passionate about?

A.  I am passionate about the two non-profits, 211 and Wm. Temple House, whose boards of directors I am on.

Woolrich raincoat, calou meja boots, pendleton portland

Joan (middle) looking 100% adorable in a 100% waterproof rain shell from Woolrich and a funky pair of printed pants from Dagg & Stacey. Adorn shop owner, Nicole (left) rocking a fun statement necklace from Elk and a pair of Meja boots from Calou

Style Q&A

Q. What do you love the most about Adorn?

A. The friendliness of the staff and the warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Q. What is your favorite Adorn piece?

A. That’s a hard question! I have more than one favorite. I’d have to choose my Nikita Native print long jack/shirt.

Q. A trend you are loving for this Season?

A. Shirts with long backs.

Q. Who’s your style icon?

A. Carole Jackson

Q. What is the last piece you bought at Adorn?

A. Several things! The  black Ive Tee from Nikita, the Poncho Via from Nau, the Marlow Pullover from OBEY, the Mandla Sweater from BB Dakota, and the Moth Coat from Prairie Underground!