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Lulu short necklace, Roost long necklace (available in store)Central Park West Top, Henry & Belle denim

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Central Park West jacket, Roost necklace (available in store), Hard Tail long skinny teeHenry & Belle denim

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Central Park West top, Vanessa Mooney necklace (available in store), Henry & Belle denim, and Yosi Samra flats

We love to start traditions. We also love our customers. How do we tie these two loves together? Why, with our Customer of the Month blog featurette of course! Since the last round was such a success, we’ll be bringing you guys a monthly blog highlighting our favorite in store and online customers. This month, we’d like to introduce you to Heather F., a neighborhood shopper and our new bestie. This girl knows how to rock some layers!

Q: How did you first hear about Adorn?

A: Adorn is in my neighborhood and I started shopping here when it first opened down the street. 


Q: What do you love the most about Adorn?

A: I like the variety of styles, from dressy to super casual and comfy. There’s always something that fits what I’m looking for. 


Q: A trend you are loving for this Spring?

A: Slip on sneakers


Q: What’s favorite Adorn piece?

A: EcoSkin top… It’s so soft and thick but hangs nicely and doesn’t look like a regular sweatshirt. 


Q: If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it look like?

A: Skinny jeans and a comfy top, with boots or slip on flats


Q: Where do you get your style inspiration?

A: I’m pretty much lacking in style. 


Q: What is a brand you’d love to see at Adorn?

A: Joie