Last week was our pre-fall 2013 lookbook shoot and I couldn’t be more thrilled about the turnout. With a fabulous crew, perfect weather, and more clothes than we knew what to do with, it would have been difficult to have a bad time.

ShopAdornLookbook_behindthescenes3 ShopAdornLookbook_behindthescenes4 ShopAdornLookbook_behindthescenes2

It took a lot of pre-production work such as contacting vendors for samples, pulling shoes, coordinating outfits, planning shots, sourcing props, steaming, steaming, oh, and did I mention, steaming! I wouldn’t have been able to do it all without the help of Kelsey, our web manager, keeping things organized, and Debbie, the accessories/mens buyer, coordinating with jewelry designers for samples. Last but certainly not least, Marion, our social media intern/assistant stylist, took pictures of planned outfits, ran all over town to do pick-ups and drop-offs, and acted as my super chic wing-lady all day, and supplying plenty of laughs and dance moves throughout the whole process.

ShopAdornLookbook_behindthescenes15ShopAdornLookbook_behindthescenes5ShopAdornLookbook_behindthescenes6 ShopAdornLookbook_behindthescenes11ShopAdornLookbook_behindthescenes12

ShopAdornLookbook_behindthescenes7 ShopAdornLookbook_behindthescenes8 ShopAdornLookbook_behindthescenes13 ShopAdornLookbook_behindthescenes ShopAdornLookbook_behindthescenes16 ShopAdornLookbook_behindthescenes9 ShopAdornLookbook_behindthescenes10

The day of the shoot was a dream. It was sunny, slightly breezy, and the tide was low; all was good in our world. We had three amazing models, Kiara from Muse, Courtney from Option, and John from Ryan Artists. Lavenda Memory was our photographer, Anne Moon assisted her, and Jessica Belknap was our make-up and hair stylist. Cyndi Dockins of Tarte Inc. helped out with set design and Nicole, the store owner, made sure we didn’t miss any details. We had a solid crew working hard all day long to make this shoot perfect.

All in all, it turned out really well. We shot more outfits than expected and were so lucky to get such nice weather. You better believe that when the full catalog is released, you will be the first to know!

In the mean time, take a look at the sneak peek below and drink it in for a while.


Isn’t it just lovely? Yeah, I thought so too.

Also, a huge thank you to Annie & Craig Peterson for lending us their beautiful beach house, Popina for letting us borrow swimsuits, and Amenity Shoes & Solestruck for lending us some killer shoes. Leave a comment and tell us what you think of the photos!