Curious who it is at your favorite Portland boutique that helps bring you the best and most stylish clothing and accessories? Read on to meet the characters who make it all happen.

Nicole – Owner

I love bingo & dive bars.  Chicken & waffles.  Tequila with fresh lime.  I’m allergic to cleaning. My favorite season is fall and my favorite holiday?  April Fools.  Yes, I love a good prank. My customers usually end up becoming my dear friends — don’t tell my husband, but its like hanging out with my girlfriends all day.


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Samantha – Web Assistant

Samantha Lemieux (yep, it’s French) grew up in Portland and still hasn’t even come close to being sick of it (besides the lack of vitamin D). She’s always been the creative type; forcing her neighbor friends to play parts in her movies, and spending hours on end painting, collaging, and learning how to make website layouts. She is now on her last term at The Art Institute of Portland majoring in Fashion Marketing with a minor in Sustainability. Through school, she has picked up on a lot of other creative endeavors such as wardrobe styling, trend forecasting, buying, and photography. On her down time, Samantha loves to travel, DIY, hike, and play with her cat named Mouse. Also, she has a disgusting obsession with chocolate, koalas, a good t-shirt dress, Lady Gaga, and shoes–not necessarily in that order.


gretchenGretchen – Customer Service Pro

Even though I’m a tomboy at heart, I love playing dress up. I’m surrounded by boys at home, so the shop is my daily escape from wienerville. I have an embarrassing obsession with Dirty Dancing and Sixteen Candles. I never get tired of watching them and still have a crush on Jake Ryan. I secretly laugh when I see someone fall down even though it is oftentimes me. I love plastic jewelry, glitter, leopard print, skull and crossbones and all things kitschy. Freak or Geek? Definitely a geek.


Jessica – Shop Girl

About to get my BA in Art History, I am full of useless art trivia (unless you ever find yourself needing help in that one Jeopardy category, in which case I am your girl!) Eating delicious food is probably my favorite pastime.  I love traveling, hiking, comfy sweaters, and cheesy movies from the 80’s (Crocodile Dundee, Labyrinth, you get the picture).  When I am not at Adorn you can probably find me enjoying some happy hour, hopefully in the sun.