At Shop Adorn there’s rarely a dull moment. From the sales floor to the web, we always have something going on from events, collaborations, photo shoots and more. Nicole- the mastermind behind it all- started out on her own selling only online and has successfully grown the business to be the bustling brick and mortar + online shop that it is today. With that success, the Shop Adorn crew has grown as well so we’d like to share little blurbs about each staff member. Read up on Nicole’s bio, check out mine below and stay tuned each week to learn a little more about the rest of the team at our Portland boutique.

portland boutiqueHello! I’m Kelsey- Web Manager at Shop Adorn. You can usually find me lurking/hiding/sweating/making noises upstairs in the loft doing web things. Sometimes I spend my time (poorly) photo shopping my coworkers’ faces onto Coyote Ugly dancers on top of bars in Vegas. A list of things I like include David Bowie, sandwiches, mermaids, running/dancing/high kicking, Wes Anderson movies, my smelly rabbit foot keychain, and black coffee (my dad says it puts hair on your chest). Sometimes people make fun of my oversized hands, but I’m really good at opening jars and I could probably palm a baby’s head. I usually have food on my face, I obnoxiously hum without realizing it, and I’m always up for an adventure.