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Samantha – Web Assistant

Samantha Lemieux (yep, it’s French) grew up in Portland and still hasn’t even come close to being sick of it (besides the lack of vitamin D). She’s always been the creative type; forcing her neighbor friends to play parts in her movies, and spending hours on end painting, collaging, and learning how to make website layouts. She is now on her last term at The Art Institute of Portland majoring in Fashion Marketing with a minor in Sustainability. Through school, she has picked up on a lot of other creative endeavors such as wardrobe styling, trend forecasting, buying, and photography. On her down time, Samantha loves to travel, DIY, hike, and play with her cat named Mouse. Also, she has a disgusting obsession with chocolate, koalas, a good t-shirt dress, Lady Gaga, and shoes–not necessarily in that order.

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