If you’re anything like me, finding Fathers Day gifts is kind of a daunting task. It’s not that I put it off every year, it’s that my dad (just like many others, I’m sure) tells me not to get him anything. Of course, I’m not going to listen to that preposterous statement, Dad, you crazy guy! He leaves me with little to no leads, so I have to get creative.

Lucky for me, now that I work here, where there is a wonderfully curated selection of menswear and accessories, I’m happy to say that this year will be a one-stop shop. Lucky for you, I assembled this gift guide of great picks for dad from our store and other local boutiques in Portland to make your Father’s Day shopping easier than ever.

fathers day giftsMost dads enjoy a good sturdy hat. This one by Poler has an awesome Aztec print spanning across the each panel. Dad gets instant cool points if he wears it whilst fishing, hunting, or engaging in some other man hobby.

fathers day gifts The classic aviator is always in style. Investing in a beauty like the Model 2 by Oak is a great choice. Machus is my go-to suggestion for the most swoon-worthy goods for the guys.

fathers day giftsTanner Goods upholds some of the finest craftsmanship. Their men’s accessories, including these leather wallets are super well made and affordable! Get this for dad and he won’t need another one for a loooong time.

fathers day giftsEvery man, dad or not, but especially dad, needs a good jacket. This denim number isn’t for everyone, but for those dudes who it appeals to, this is THE one. Available at Reveille.

fathers day giftsA crisp chambray shirt for the summer is a definite MUST! This Bridge & Burn short sleeve button-down is handsome, breathable, and super well made. Available at our Portland Boutique in store and online.

fathers day giftsAny dad who’s dreaming of retiring (or escaping) to the tropics will appreciate this shirt. It’s a little slice of Paradise he can bring with him everywhere. Available at our Portland Boutique in store and online.

fathers day giftsThis is the only watch he’ll ever own again. It’s that great. Also available in Teak.

fathers day giftsWhen Dad needs to look sharp, a tie by Pino Portland is a no brainer. Go for a bold color that he wouldn’t usually try, and he may be pleasantly surprised by how much he loves it! More colors and styles available here.

fathers day giftsIs it time for a new pair of denim for dad? Are the corners of his wallet creating perfect little lines on the seat of his pockets? Probably. He’s a dad, afterall; Dads wear denim a lot, so he’ll definitely appreciate you buying him this pair by RVCA. He’ll recognize the value of this robust pair of jeans right away. More styles available here.

fathers day giftsOk seriously, probably the best gift you could ever give to the ‘outdoorsy’ Dad. It’s a sleeping bag/jacket! I meeean, perfect right? On the down low, I actually really want one myself. Le sigh. Available at Poler.

Hopefully the stress level of finding that perfect gift for dad has reduced significantly. Need more inspiration? Head over to the shop to see all of the menswear and accessories we have. And check us out on TwitterPolyvorePinterestInstagram, and Facebook!

Also, don’t forget to enter our Fathers Day contest for a chance to win $100 gift card! The rules are easy! Click here to learn more. Good luck, and Happy (almost) Father’s Day to all you Dads!