We talk about layering with womens clothing all the time, but it is just as applicable to mens fashion and just as important! Spring is the season of unpredictable weather, so dressing strategically is key. These looks are great for the jeans and t-shirt guy, because it builds on the basic outfit and requires minimal effort.

Original Penguin Bing V Neck; RVCA Bleach Shirt; Comune Carl Jeans

A plain v-neck and jeans can easily be transformed with a long-sleeve button up. If you wear it open, this can be a lighter option that can take the place of a jacket. Choose shirts that are a little more casual, like a chambray or linen fabric like this one by RVCA instead of a dressier button up.

Orignal Penguin Horizontal Stripe Shirt; VSTR Compression Crew; Comune Carl Jeans

Short-sleeve button ups are a great staple for guys because they can be dressed up or down and are a great option for warm weather. This look is perfect is you want to go from dressy to casual or vice versa. Play around with different sweaters or crew sweatshirts layered over a collared shirt.

RVCA Brubeck Cardigan; Threads 4 Thought Basic Crew Tee (available in store); Comune Carl Jeans; Richer Poorer Socks

Another jeans and a plain tee outfit that can be a completely different look with just a few small details. Throw on a cardigan with some texture to add a little depth. Also, cuffing your jeans adds another dimension to your look and gives you the option to show off a peek of some cool socks. We love the designs from Richer Poorer and at 12 bucks a pop, you can afford to add something a little funkier to your wardrobe.