This years Prairie Underground Spring Collection gives us so many reasons to be excited! One of the biggest reasons is the myriad of brand new legging styles available from the 2014 line. Since some of these are new and others are old styles that have been updated, we thought a little breakdown of each legging would be appreciated!

pru-beveled-legging-black1Prairie Underground Beveled Legging

The Beveled Legging doubles as a casual knit pant and a fantastic yoga pant (if that’s your thing). The style lines along the hip and the waistband help maintain a close fit to your body as well as create some interest to your silhouette. These babies won’t loosen up on you either. No need to pop in in the dryer to “shrink it” back to the right fit.

Prairie Underground Body Double Prairie Underground Body Double

The Body Double Legging is what you wear when you’re feeling extra sassy. Similar to the highly coveted Prairie Underground Girdle Legging in fit and waist rise, but the zipper is in the back instead of the front! Slashes across the legs is a new treatment by Prairie that adds a little bit of edge to your overall look. And don’t worry about showing off too much skin, as the pant is lined with a thin cotton so your leg epidermis doesn’t actually show! Also available in Wet Cement.

Prairie Underground Carpenter Legging Prairie Underground Carpenter Legging

The Carpenter Legging is another Prairie Underground legging you can obsess over. These are actually based on a classic carpenter jean that Prairie used to sell wildly. It was revamped with a higher waist and a front zipper. If you’re into the supportive high-waist and slim fit like the Denim Girdle, you will fall in love with these. There is an additional curved seam added to the front that curves around the thigh, down to the calves. Visually, these seams elongate your legs, and the baby-bootcut opening helps with that too. The Carpenter Legging also has two front pockets perfect for storing your cell phone and credit card! Style it with a Prairie Underground Cloak Hoodie and you’re set! Also available in Wet Cement and Black.

Prairie Underground Cigarette Legging Prairie Underground Cigarette Legging

We can’t say enough about the Cigarette Leggings. They are Nicole (the store owner)’s favorite! Ankle-length and smooth in the back, the Cigarette legging features the same Denim Girdle re-enforcing seam that we love down the center-front of the leg extending all the way to the waist but with a non-denim fabric! Instead, a deliciously smooth stretch twill (spandex/cotton blend) hugs and holds in all the right places, smoothing your legs and creating a fabulous foundation for ALL of your spring and summer tops! These sexy Cigarette leggings from Prairie look great with all kinds of tanks, teessoft slouchy dolmans and spring sandals or loafers. Go preppy, go sophisticated, go chic, go rocker, go glam, these leggings will go with you!

Prairie Underground Sash Capri Prairie Underground Sash Capri

Tired of boring capris? We think the Sash Capri will change your mind. With a similar silhouette and the same stretch twill fabric used to make the the Cigarette Legging, the Sash has an added cotton/linen decorative trim along the front of each leg with horizontal curves seams along your hips for added tummy support. The waist is the highest of all the Prairie Underground Leggings; emphasize it with a slim fitting tee or tank top, or wear it with a tunic dress or oversized sweater. Available in BlackMidnight, and Oyster.

Prairie Underground Spring