We spoke to Amy, our costumer of the month, to get to know her. Her personality is fabulous and fierce—just like her fashion sense!


Heather by Bordeaux Maxi Dress //  LA Made Scarf // Yosi Samra Flats // Kut from the Kloth Jacket //

ADORN: Have you always lived in Portland? If not, where do you call home and what brought you here?

Amy: Born in Minnesota but have lived in Oregon since I was 6 years old. After high school I spent 5 years in the Navy so had the chance to travel to some amazing places.

ADORN: How do you like to spend your personal time?

Amy: Hanging out with my husband David and 19 month old son Christopher along with friends and family.

ADORN: How would your BFF describe you?

Amy: A woman with a big heart who’s always willing to help.

ADORN: How did you first hear about Adorn?

Amy: Sara Dahlquist brought me to Adorn for personal shopping.  It’s been my favorite place to shop ever since.

ADORN: What do you love the most about Adorn?

Amy: The personal service and that I can always find some fabulous pieces.


Kensie Blazer // Lysse Leggings // Pons Avarcas Sandals

ADORN: If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it look like?

Amy: Paige Jimmy Jimmy Jeans, a Lilla P shirt, some flats and fun dangly earrings.

ADORN: What is the last piece you bought at Adorn?

Amy: Heather Maxi dress in grey black and light blue

ADORN: Goofiest fashion trend you have participated in?

Amy: Knickerbockers

ADORN: Heels or flats?

Amy: Flats

ADORN: What is your favorite color to wear? Least favorite?

Amy: Favorite = pink; Least Favorite = red


Nation LTD Tee // Curator Maxi Dress // Yosi Samra Flats