One week to go until Valentine’s Day! A lot of pressure for those out there still searching for the perfect gift. Luckily Shop Adorn is making it easy peezy for you. We share three fabulous gifts from Kenda Kist, Kut from the Kloth, JellyBath and Butter London nail polish that we’d like to receive from our Valentine. We’re also offering our own Valentine’s gift to you: free shipping and if for some crazy reason they aren’t completely enamored with the gift, you’ll receive free return shipping.

Jewelry on Valentine’s Day is always a good idea. Kenda Kist Circle drop earrings in red brings elegance and style to any outfit. As an added bonus, the stones reflect the color of love.

The KUT from the Kloth Lovely Coat in black is the perfect accent to a hot Valentine’s Day dress that we could wear on our date with our special someone.

Finally, JellyBath combined with Butter London nail polish is perfect for providing a mani or pedi spa experience at home that relieves tired feet and hands. We recommend giving your sweetie one to really up the wow-factor! Just add Jellybath to warm water and you’ll have a fluffy foot/hand soak, which exfoliates, detoxifies, rejuvenates and reduces swelling. Afterwards, apply Butter London to their nails. We think it’s the best top coat out there and doesn’t have the awful chemicals.