Adorn is well known for contest, promotions and amazing sales on its tons of styles, including local and international favorites, Fluxus, Siwy Denim, JBrand, WeSC, L.A.M.B, Alternative Apparel, Quiksilver and many more (for men, women and even kids!), and when Supportland started making its way across the Portland area with its clever name in tow, Adorn was quick to jump on the bandwagon.

Supportland is an awesome way to earn free stuff while supporting local businesses. It’s easier to let Supportland explain it themselves with their lovely artistic video featuring Kenton’s Paul Bunyon as its mascot.

Got it? Now get it! Walk into Adorn anytime and start earning point and, as many of you are probably excited about, earn yourself a local beer!

Check out how Adorn participates on our ‘Programs‘ page and Learn more about Supportland and all the businesses that accept the card on their website.