Silver is subtle and diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but their is something about gold jewelry that sets it apart from the rest. It’s sophisticated and elegant but also bold, brash and edgy. Here at your favorite Portland boutique we carry a number of AWESOME gold jewelry pieces that will enhance any gal’s personal style and elevate any outfit in a snap!


Gold jewelry

Betsy & Iya Betsy & Iya Betsy & Iya!!!! It seems that every time this brilliant brand comes out with something new it is instantly a hit! The Betsy & Iya aesthetic embodies bold freshness and sleek architecture which you can see in the Betsy & Iya Deadly Nightshade Earrings (left) and Gold Bar Brilliant Earrings (center). If you’re more of a vintage-type of lady, however, don’t fret because B&I has got you covered as well, with their adorable, love-filled Amour Love Earrings. Dainty, yet statement-making!

Gold Jewelry



While you know we have a ton of items to choose from online, we also love to stock our storefront with goodies and brands you can only find in-store (it’s our way of bribing you into coming and spending time with us ;) ). Some of our favorite in-store brands are without-a-doubt Lulu and Kenda Kist! Both fantastic jewelry designers, we love the quality and hand-crafted aspect of these brands. We can’t enough of these whimsical twirly Kenda Kist gold “hoops”, while these Lulu dangle earrings are so edgy, you can’t help but feel a bit rebellious when you put them on.


Kris Nations Necklaces

Let me tell ya, the Nations sisters of the jewelry brand Kris Nations have got a lock on gold charms. Small, flattering, simple and completely adorable these pendants are the PERFECT gift for girls young and old, and are ridiculously affordable!

The brand has gained notoriety with their extremely popular line of state pride necklaces. Since we are Oregon-based and proud of it it’s only fitting that we carry a ton of the Kris Nations Oregon Pride Pendant! Cut from recycled sheets of metal, these 14k gold overlay necklaces are approximately a 1 inch square, which is small enough for everyday wear (also available in silver overlay) . We’ve got ours, and love to rep our Oregon pride!



If you’re looking for a bolder statement than a pendant, we have some necklaces that are perfect for making you stand out. Our Mishakaudi Honora Necklace (right) might actually be brass, but it’s got the same shimmer and luxurious color that we love about gold, so we couldn’t help but include it in the round-up. The Kenda Kist (center) bar necklace and the 80’s-inspired chunky chain (left) are among our in-store finds, so swing by to see these beauties in person!



gold jewelry

The Betsy & Iya Golden Gate Cuff  is another one of those “actually brass, but we don’t care, it’s gold to us” pieces that we couldn’t help including. Adjustable to fit most wrists (both men and women), Betsy & Iya drew their inspiration for the newest addition to their bridge cuff line from the always magnificent Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. In typical Betsy & Iya fashion, the year the bridge was built and geographic coordinates are encoded on the inside of the bracelet, making it not only a great accessory but a real work of art for all those history buffs out there.




gold jewelry

Gleaming and understated, the Mishakaudi 1 & 1/2″ Brass Cuff and the 3/4″ Brass Cuff have both been customer favs since we started carrying the brand in December. The perfect holiday gift, we think it’s time for you to spoil yourself a bit and get yourself your very own. These Mishakaudi cuffs can go with virtually any outfit because of their simplicity, and the varying sizes allow you the ability to stack them together or just wear one at a time. It’s your choice!


While we love having our gold jewelry be the fancy part of our outfit, we also like being able to wear our gold pieces everyday. These rope charm bracelets can be stacked and mixed with more sophisticated bracelets to create some fantastic arm candy, but are so versatile you can leave them on through your gym session or while you relax in a bubble bath. You literally never have to take them off! Swing by the shop and pick up one or a ton!

gold jewelry