We all know the saying, April showers bring May showers, but it’s not like it makes the rainy days any easier to get through. However, having the right the footwear can perk you right up during those showers!

We recommend putting on a sunny and cheerful pair of dav rain boots in Khaki Pearl or the fun and flirty dav houndstooth rain boot in khaki and black with corset lacing in the back. With these waterproof boots you’ll be splashing right through those puddles, not letting mother nature keep you down. And, as an added bonus, both are on sale on www.shopadorn.com.


Now that you’re covered during the April showers, we have great sandals that you can wear while frolicing through the impending May flowers! Slip into a pair of Trove Tkees sandals and add some pizazz to your feet and elongate your legs. I’m loving the colorful  Trove Tkees Glosses Leather Sandals in Fig or the sparkling, gold hued Trove Tkees Foundation Leather Sandals in Blink.