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Owning a good pair of denim is like having a latte in the morning. Sure, you could survive without it, but life is certainly better with it! That’s the angle the new advertising campaign by Hudson Jeans is taking. With the slogan LetYourselfGo,” the company is promoting a street-friendly line of denim with a focus on individuality. In a world full of advertisements prompting us to be Kate Upton clones, this is so refreshing! Hudson Jeans CEO Peter Kim says that his entire business boils down to believing in the product. He got his start in the business after single-handedly saving his family’s failing company. Now, Hudson Jeans has garnered praise from celebrities like Angelina Jolie and David Beckham, but still remains a small production with only 90 employees in an office in south LA. Despite its fame, the brand still touts a modest purpose: “To inspire people to live their dreams, to look and feel amazing, and to be real.”

Styling Hudson Jeans is effortless as they come in a wide variety of washes and fits – all with your body in mind! While the fabric comes from Italy, the jeans are cut, sewn, and finished in the US, allowing you to show off your Americana side. Hudson Jeans are a favorite among fashion bloggers and the company recently released a promotion solely featuring their looks! While we currently don’t have many styles of Hudson in the store, be sure to check back next month when we receive several runs of spring denim!