photo: Jasmine Photography
Brianna is one of those girls that never wears make-up and allows her hair to air dry and she always looks stunning.  We want to be her, but since we obviously can’t we will let her dress us, using items from the best boutique in Portland. (hint: that’s us.)

She told us that just the other day she spent $100 at the Goodwill, and this was on a day she was sporting a recycled dress from her mother’s closet, looking like the epitome of Portland Fashion. Getting close to wanting to hate her she confessed that she hates her new bangs. Ha! Her life is not perfect.  We can like her.

“My take on style is that everyone has a unique one. No style is necessarily right or wrong; it’s just how it is applied in different situations. My approach as a style consultant is to start with your goals and expectations and then work to accentuate and enhance your personality through what you wear.”

Considering I was voted ‘Most Unique’ in high school, I will take that as that she is my go-to girl. Besides, she’s easy on the eyes.

Want to read her Fashion blog?  WWW.REINASTYLEPDX.COM