The modern woman needs a modern wardrobe! With trends constantly changing, it sometimes becomes hard to keep up. With Lilla P.’s flattering and functioning pieces, you’ll never have to worry about going out of style again!

Lilla P. aspires to create a contemporary look with classics. All the basics you can think of (the black dress, the professional button-down, the white tee, etc.) are suddenly in one place! Not only are they extremely accessible, but they cater to the current woman. Lilla P. is the one-stop brand that fills in the foundation of any good wardrobe.

We’ve selected some of our key Lilla P. pieces to express the brand’s versatility and timelessness. Check out some of our great outfits that you can find in our Fremont location!


Lilla P. Cardigan // Lilla P. Shirt //Jenny Bird Necklace //Fortress of Inca Heels


Lilla P. Dress // Pons Avarcas Sandals // S’well Water Bottle 


Lilla P. Tank //J/Slides Shoes  //Henry & Belle Jeans // Prairie Underground Cloak Hoodie //Jenny Bird Necklace


Lilla P. Shirt // Pons Avarcas Sandals //Soko Jewelry Necklace  //Hudson Jeans


Lilla P. Shirt // Sanctuary Pants // Soko Jewelry Cuff // Herschel Backpack